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There’s a lot of history in our story, but there’s also not much to tell. We dream up big new ideas and bring them to life.

We’re a pretty swell team, and we have a lot of fun making things together. We do it all right here. We’re designers, writers, marketers, influencers, promoters, coders, and dreamers. 

TK Talks

TK is Society Rebel’s founder. Every day he helps thousands of people around the world start their day the right way with his encouraging motivational talks. It’s like brain yoga.

Media Swoon

Our marketing experts dreamt up a service to help influencers and businesses grow their influence and audience. This is also a one stop shop for marketing consulting services.


We also produce high quality voiceovers for ads, short-films, podcast introductions, animated characters, audio books, and more!

Church Hires

Non profit organizations get really get taken advantage of by job boards. So we created an ultra affordable team building solution for non profit organizations and churches.

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