work for the life you want

if you want something, you are just going to have to go get it.

Whether that means asking for help, joining a new club, sitting with new friends, or even making any subtle change in your life choices in order to live better.

Whatever it is that you have to do, or desire to happen, just go for it.

If that car seems really nice, but you know you can’t get it with the wages you get. Then, make a change that will help you achieve it and get a better job.

Maybe you don’t have the right work experience or education to get the nice job that you dream of. If that is the case, then get out there and do something.

Go get it.

Go get that thing that taunts you while you sit in the back of class; while wish you could feel more complete. Chase after that girl that sets your heart on fire and makes you forget to breathe. Find that dress that makes you feel like a queen and put it on, no matter what anyone thinks. Curl your hair and take a hundred pictures to post with typical captions on Instagram. Do it if it makes you feel more alive.

there is not a thing on this earth worth having that will come easy.

that is a fact.

if you really desire change, then you must take the necessary steps to get there.

Maybe it is just a tiptoe of a step. Take it anyway. Tiptoe all the way to where you want to be, but do not sit back and let your dreams run away from you.

It is hard to step up and go after some things, but it is ten times harder to sit and watch other people get them because you were too scared to make that first move.

Whatever it is that you have been thinking about lately. Whatever it is that you really want…

Do yourself a huge favor, and go get it.

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  1. TK Dennis 1 year ago

    Emma! You are wise as hell!

    This is a fantastic post. I just sent this off to a friend of mine that needed to read this.

    • Emma 1 year ago

      Im so glad that you liked it!

  2. Lydia Martin 1 year ago

    This really inspired me!!

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