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I write poetry from time to time. I just love words! I haven’t written one in a while, so getting ready to share one. As I wrote a funny lightbulb went off. Some of my friends may know what it means. Send me some love people!

Wise Guide’s Mind

When you recognize that there is a method to the madness.

My boat is not missed, as great chances happen daily.

Not quite off my rocker and my deck has all the cards it needs.

Thoughts and feelings will suddenly pop with a twist on an adage.

Welcome to the wise guide’s mind!

I have a simple light so I’m not overtaken by the darkness.

Being in a place of feeling powerless, it is easy to confuse and speak vaguely.

In a world full of what to do’s, what not to do and creeds.

Discernment is sharpened by experiences, not just by mere knowledge.

Welcome to the wise guide’s mind!

In all the monstrous, volatile and horrible acts of human crime,

I declare there will be victories over the collapsing terror!

Being marked in the world as lunatic, gullible, fool, stupid or worse?

You do not have to see eye to eye with the oppressors.

Welcome to the wise guide’s mind!

As with the smallest of seeds will begin with hope in its prime.

For better news, I volunteer to be the go-between and bearer.

The sense of wonder and endurance is such a vital force.

Live a spectacular and triumphant life for all your predecessors.

Welcome to the wise guide’s mind!

The mind-blowing ideas that come when you playfully envision.

Encompassing this unceasing mind becoming that Wise Guide Sage.

An outpouring of compassion is a must, knowing no one lives in a bubble.

Eye-spying the awe sparking beauty of the possible.

Welcome to the wise guide’s mind!

Be aware of the greed and hatred that to most imprison.

Plucking against fear at its root helps your spirit gain courage.

Your uniqueness helps you skyrocket while remaining humble.

Confessions to the understanding the phrase love unconditional.

The funny part of this – If you read or think too fast you may hear Wise Guy in your head LMBO and you aren’t reading the word correctly! Not only am I in Bleace but I’m a pretty neat Wise Guide! I’m so not a guy!

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