The debate between shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading, and every other form of hair removal has been a common topic in today’s society on many fashion blogs and women’s health magazines. I for one have never given this much thought. Growing up a tomboy, my grooming hygiene was always pretty standard. I shaved my armpits and legs, got my unibrow done at my local nail salon, and shaved “down there” to keep from any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in the summertime.

As I grew older, beauty trends took over and some things stuck more than others. I now prefer a good eyebrow thread over hours spent hunched over a mirror tweezing every individual hair. *insert major eyeroll* I learned laser hair removal requires a lot of patience and an obscene amount of money, I learned women’s razers just don’t do the job like men’s razers do (why is that?) and I learned that waxing is god’s gift to mankind.

When I decided to step into the big wide world of body waxing, I was terrified to say the least. We’ve all seen the infamous Steve Carell scene from 40-year-old virgin, and I had no intention of screaming out a random pop star’s name while shaping myself up. I’ve tried local studios, big name chain studios, and all left me with a different experience.

After comparing and contrasting the techniques used, the estheticians, the atmosphere of the studio, prices, and overall services; one studio has stuck out and will and always be my #1 go to salon.

As a New Jersey bred woman, I love supporting local businesses surrounding my hometown. While I was on my journey to finding the perfect salon, a friend had recommended I try Waxing The City in Montclair. I was skeptical at first because the studio was still in their first month of opening and I had never heard of them before – but I went with an open mind (and a very hair body).

I have never experienced such a welcoming environment.

Not only was I greeted with complimentary goodies on my first visit, (and who doesn’t love a good deal *wink wink*) but my cerologist, Deb, made me comfortable from the moment she met me. She walked me through the entire process as if it was my very first time. All the products were explained to me, she was very open and honest about what I would need in my after care, and took care of me from start to finish. I left my appointment with clean and clear skin, a handful of amazing products contoured specifically for my needs, and a smile on my face.

I was so impressed after this visit that I signed up for a VIP membership, so I never have to go without. Waxing The City offers a ton of awesome promotions that save you so much money on their services. Not only is your first service 50% off, but every time you refer someone, you save money and they save. Their VIP program allows you to prepay for future services which saves you money half of what you’d end up paying up front.

Another beautiful thing about the studio, is the location. It sits in the center of the downtown section of Montclair, NJ. The bustling streets that surround the studio are filled with local restaurants and shops that are always hosting wonderful interactive events. During one of my visits, the studio supplied complimentary wine, makeovers by the celebrity stylist Nydia Figueroa and a night of women empowerment.

While some women dread the thought of their grooming appointments, I know I always have something to look forward to at Waxing The City. Whether it’s an exciting event being held in town, a new promotional product to try, great conversation with the staff, or the awesome feeling of a brand-new clean wax.

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