A Christian believes in God, and their lives are shaped by following Jesus, God in the flesh.

So why am I a Christian. Here are some reasons:

I believe that there is a creator force behind the universe, which Christians call God.

This God wants to be our friend and wants a relationship with us

God cares about us. One of the greatest acts of love is to lay down ones life for another. I believe this is what God has done for us through the person of Jesus

There are things wrong with my life. By studying God’s book the Bible, through prayer, and meeting other Christians who have been through similar experiences, I can find answers and the strength to change.

I believe God is spirit and lives in us. This spirit leads, guides and comforts us each and every day.

By reading and putting into action the words of Jesus I can help the world to be a better place

It gives me a reason to live.

Through prayer I can talk to God about anything. God is there in all circumstances. When I am struggling, God helps me. When someone is ill I can ask God to help and heal them.

I see problems with the world. I believe God is just and will bring justice.

That God wants peace for this world not war.

I look at the beauty of the world. This gives me a sense of awe which leads me to think – who made this? This couldn’t just be a cosmic accident.

I have an aching for meaning, a meaningful relationship, and security, this can be found in God

I believe in peace, and seeing a changed world. This can be done through being a servant to others, and a belief that God through us can bring that change

God loves and accepts us. There are no conditions on his love for us

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