They say nothing in life is easy
Though I would ask for a reprieve
Everyone in their own world and too busy
Where is the human kindness, I wish to receive

Searching for laughter and good conversations
Only to see those that speak negatively
Where can we let go of our own reservations
Walking our paths together with steps so lively

We should know that we do not have to agree
But accept each other’s views and learn
Anger may come and go, opinions will still be
The days of human kindness is what I yearn

Enjoying the differences and many diversities
Staying true to yourself without doing harm
Only to see all the hatred and atrocities
Human kindness, rejuvenate our hearts and calm

Published in poems
  1. TK Dennis 1 year ago

    I love it when people share poems. It’s always so much expression in so few words. This is certainly no exception.

    You’re awesome SC!

    • Author
      Shawn C Mace 10 months ago

      Thanks TK. I just now seen this comment. You are awesome too. I’m Loving your TK Talks.

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