what is the point of fear

Fear is useless.

It controls us, holds us back, and keeps us from doing some of the most amazing things.

When we want to do something new we often stop because we are too afraid of change. But once we overcome our fears and work up the courage to take that step towards something fresh and new, it ends up being one of the most amazing moments of our lives. When we finally do something great for ourselves we end up being so confused as to why we did not do it sooner. We question why we don’t do more things to make us feel that way…
The answer is fear.

fear takes away our best moments.

It stops us from taking that first step towards greatness.

Fear is something that we give too much power to. We think that it is inevitable, and in some ways we are correct. The truth is fear itself will come along plenty of times in our lives, but how we react to it and how we let it affect us is something that we have complete control over.

fear does not have to win.

When you are scared to do something, but you keep thinking about all of the wonderful things that could happen… You need to stop and just go for it.

Is diving headfirst into a new relationship not knowing if you’ll get your heart broken again frightening?

Hell yeah, it is.

It is terrifying, but it is also one of the most amazing things in the universe. It may be scary, but what is worse to me is the idea of missing out on something that could bring me so much happiness and joy just because I am afraid of what could possibly go wrong.

Yeah, a lot could go wrong, but honey, so much could go right and that is what matters.

Don’t spend your whole life thinking about ‘what if,’ and, ‘maybe’s.’ Get out there and chase your dreams. Take every step that you want. Try new foods. Date that boy that is trying so hard to prove himself to you.

yes, fear is hard to overcome, but missing out on all of your life’s best moments is much more terrifying than trying them out.

I have moments where I am scared, but once I jump I feel like I am flying.

I was afraid to reach out to certain people, but when I do it is only a wonderful bond that I am glad to have.

I am scared to say sorry, but it fills a dark hole every time I do and brings me so much joy.

I was terrified to ride a roller coaster when my sister took me to Cedar Point. I was so terrified the whole way up that first drop. I kept telling myself this was a bad idea. Then it happened. I flew down the roller coaster, and it was one of my favorite feelings in the world. I got off and I thought, why was I even afraid in the first place?

All of the things that I did, even though I was afraid, turned out to be great experiences. Sometimes it is a lesson and sometimes it is a blessin’, but no matter what it is worth a shot.



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