The voracious, vindictive and egoistical society we live in drives me nuts. People are fully aware that when you die you cannot bring your earthly treasures with you, but do they get that the body is one of those things? All those hours you spent in a gym amount to nothing when you are covered in embalming fluid prepping to be lowered into your final squat.

It’s one thing to practice a fitness regimen in order to maintain a healthy vessel, but when your body receives more attention than your mind you are just as lost as the Wall Street devils who cling mindlessly to their fortunes. 

As someone who has a body that many men and women envy, I get how easy it is to get wrapped up in the attention and love thrown your way. I say this free of judgement, but I read a book daily.  Not just any romance novel, or comedy to distract my mind from the 9-3 job I work or the lack of people to spend time with. I read because the knowledge of the past is an experience in itself; a gift from predecessors to be treasured. Do you have the learning capacity and literacy skills to read a full dialogue of Shakespeare in less than 24 hours and understand what you just read? If you don’t, there is this amazing gift called the internet to clarify what you fail to realize. Use it for more than just catching up on the latest gossip about famous people and pointless drama that is hyped for one reason; to dull your mind and senses, keeping you entrapped in a never ending spiral.

The Greeks had this infatuation with knowledge and created arguably one of the most controversial and advanced societies known to our age. Yet here we are in 2018, focused solely on our looks, our social pages, and our wallets. We think of literature and knowledge as second hand information for introverts and the intelligent. So with that being said, what are you? A sack of meat filled with healthy organs created specifically for pleasure and physical gain? What a joke.It’s laughable and immature of us to think we are the greatest men to ever walk this earth, yet many people say this is true.

 Nay; we are the ignorant, the fools who think so highly of themselves yet don’t truly know their own nature let alone their capacity. We could achieve stargates, acoustic technology and many other feats people argue as being heresy and magic. Yet, the proof is right in front of our faces, we choose to ignore it and become time bombs of our own making. Slowly ticking the final countdown, exploding into nothing and having to come back once again as a lesser force.

So ask yourself before you step into the gym or go on that jog, why am I doing this? Will I treat my mind the same as I do my mortal body? If the answer is no, you should and I say this from experience, take a little more time to understand your human nature. Question what you’ve been taught and refuse to accept the truths you’ve been told, as even half truths are lies. Ask yourself;

Can I crawl into the unknown and take this body with me, or will it wither into dust like old novels on a shelf, forgotten but still remaining; read but not learned?

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