what if different lessons are waiting for us locked away in different countries?

Like little gifts waiting for the bravest to come collect them all.
Traveling pushes us to level up in growth. You step outside of your comfort zone by going somewhere you’ve never been.

There is the kind of travel where one visits the same country and exact same resort year after year.

It’s comfortable and sometimes for people, that’s what travel SHOULD be. A vacation! Comfort. Familiarity. You want to enjoy yourself. Let your day-to-day routines melt away in your margarita by the pool. Kick your feet up and relax for just a little while from our fast-paced world.

There is another kind of travel that our souls thrive on which pushes us to be uncomfortable.

It asks us to stop allowing our fears to trick us into leading safe, boring lives. Personally, I want to be out of my comfort zone, I want to learn and grow. I want to be borderline terrified.

When I spent one year around the world, I will tell you it is NOT a perfect Instagram feed of perfect beaches and white sand. Some may portray this. But I want to be real and tell you firsthand – it’s a rollercoaster.

you will experience the highest highs and lowest lows traveling.

I had some of my darkest days traveling. Being scared, getting lost, being broke, having money stolen, not trusting anyone, loud people in hostels, missing home and family, bed bugs, getting sick, fighting with the person you are are traveling with, having everything you own crammed in a little backpack, carrying heavy backpacks in 45 degrees heat (Celcius) 🙂 , feeling tired, struggling to make new friends and destinations that look nothing like those photos you see on the internet.

so why would you want to put yourself through that?

It sounds awful right? Well, a lot of the days it WAS awful. But then there were the days that it was wonderful. I didn’t blog or take many pictures too much over my year. I tried to remain in the present moment as much as I could. I do however have pages in my travel journal filled with lessons I had learned while traveling. Those lessons did not come easy but they are something that helped me to grow and push past my self-imposed limits. So when I came back to my hometown – nothing had changed, but I had. And I realize it more than ever now. I am not the same person. My outlook and mind have been so changed that I can no longer go back to my original way of thinking. I can no longer stay in one place for too long.

To be continued… ✈



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