There are masks we wear due to the wrongs we carry, a void we didn’t have fulfilled by someone else, shifting blame to someone else because “you’re not that bad”, or even what we want to hide behind of not being enough. No one person is going to be enough until they are ready to leave their ego/self-centeredness, blame, and even shame down. This is something I deal with on a daily basis, am I alone? I think not.

it’s too evident in this world around us that ALL of us wear a mask.

Not all of us are great actors, or do we think we are? Avoiding the not so desirable parts of us, instead of working on it, puts us at the hypocrite stage. It’s time to take those kinds of masks off. Deal with the pains these masks cause in your life. Not by suppressing them but sharing them in a loving and compassionate way.

On that flip side, there are masks that do save us as well. If you are visiting a hospital that the flu is going around, disposable masks are helpful so that you do not get it. If you wear a respirator due to construction, working with solvents, etc. OSHA requires it for your safety. If you have been exposed to noxious – poisonous gas (HAZMAT) know that those military grade gas masks save your life. Just ask any military person that goes through that kind of training.

Safety elements that may harm you from the outside in masks are a good thing. Masks you wear to pretend what’s not on the inside may not be as good for you as you think it is. It seems to me, the masks of human mistakes resting within feelings and emotions are the masks that are harder (not impossible) to take off than the ones that actually save our lives. Anyone that deals with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder knows this. I’m adding a point in here that I will drill home to anyone. It’s OK to air out and ask for help with these types of issues with a trained professional and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It is NOT a sign of weakness but of strength.

Maybe if we wear the surgical type mask of humility and gas masks as truth we can cut through to a real life that is beautifully lived. Do not stay in the dysfunctional defeated mentality that these masks hold in a comfortable way so you cannot move forward.

I’m not out to be someone remarkable for my own glory. For in everything, God first. No, I’m not perfect.

It took the down moments to see the up moments.
It took my wrongs to see what I needed to change.
It took anger to know that love does conquer all.
All the masks come off eventually and what’s left is what needs to be revealed. Change comes from dealing with the convictions you carry and wanting a freedom and peace that surpasses understanding.

It took letting the facades go and help others that I’m able to keep going daily. It is not all the titles we hide behind, not in all the education we have, and not even all we do. The masks come off more, the more we communicate, comfort, and develop relationships as children of God with one another in love and compassion. Those that give up these so-called titles to feed the hungry, help the helpless, and give resources to help heal all these without receiving compensation for it are true riches and treasures on this beautiful earth.

taking the veil off is freedom.

To those that aren’t “that bad” or worse, if you live your life with hate or when you deceive another your mask is evident. It will be revealed.

I remember all the stories and funny portrayals of his story, her story (any variations of that) and the truth of what actually happens. Each of us has masks to make our side more exposed by our feelings and fears. Not that we shouldn’t get through those stories however you need to, just don’t stay behind the mask for too long. Only when the whole story has opened does the truth makes the mask fall with or without your help.

We are different as our fingerprints prove naturally, but we are also members interdependent on one another. This life is all a training exercise in how we should carry ourselves by doing; for others what they cannot do.

It is possible I do analyze too much, it’s just the way my brain works. Enjoy Your Journey and may bliss-peace (bleace) be with you all.

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  1. Derra Nicole Sabo 9 months ago

    This piece hit home. So well written and so true.

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