spruce up your space

the first step to an open floor plan

Beads of sweat dropping off my forehead and going down my back. Whew! I wipe my forehead, not that it does much good. Catching my second wind, I bend down to grab the sledgehammer into my hands. Heave it to my shoulder as I swing with all my strength. WHAM! The drywall crumbles. I’m able to grab the last few pieces holding on to the screws still in the studs and pull with some effort.

The step of an open floor plan has been conquered. All great plans will have its dirt, grime, blood, sweat, frustrations, and tears. Through each step, you get a new view or a glimpse of something greater. This start of bringing the walls down is not the end result. It is a process with a goal of what you see in the big picture of the beauty of your space. The division comes down as the natural sunlight comes through the french doors from the back of the house. As also the natural light from the front of the house and skylights permeate insides. Gathering a glimpse of the natural outside, I take in that breath of relief.

seek out expertise

Next, ripping up the heavily worn, stained burlap carpet and padding. This was the moment, I’ve been waiting for it seems since I bought the house. I moved in, knowing my house had been treated with termite control and replaced floor joists. The process of replacing floor joists means you have to raise the house to keep the foundations of the house steady. Which caused a ripple in the floors from the raising of the house I never thought I’d have wood floors because of this unevenness. Thank God for the updated knowledge of “Do It Yourselfers”, there is hope! Not to mention great teachers (contractors), and direction to still get the space and design you want. Finally, taking the utility knife to start the first cut, grabbing, tugging, and ripping the carpet up. Drops of blood drop bead up when the knife slightly cut the skin in a reckless attempt when ripping the carpet stopped. The adrenaline going through your body doesn’t even trigger an ouch. Simply gathered a spare rag wiped the blood, quickly pour alcohol to prevent infection, put on a band-aid and get back at it. Throwing out the old, ragged, and the not so good. To be stripped down to the bare subflooring. Next, painstakingly taking out, delivering, each staple from the subflooring.

Some things take an extra hand. Expertise is needed to guide you through times when you don’t know what to do. Carefully choosing the right help. Keeping in mind, that they see your end goal and agree with you to help you to that goal. Now, in making the announcements for help many may come saying they have the expertise. In actuality, they cost you more in the long run; more money, time, and often they take you away from the end goal. Picking the extra hand to help level the floors enough. The goal is to lay my sustainable, environmentally responsible flooring throughout the new open space. Without, of course, seeing curves of the old floor. With the knowledge and ingenuity, this is done.

i am satisfied

I’m able to put the furnishings that bring me comfort and invite the peace I am looking for. The sofa, two recliners, and upcycled assortment of tables carefully placed in the space. The dining area set to entertain. Especially, after a large family gathering, I now have the ease of cleaning up quickly and painlessly. My extra space for peace and quiet in the corner of the house sits my prayer, meditation, and reading nook to recharge my batteries. The artsy and craft style wall decor is put up exactly where my mind’s eye sees it. I am satisfied.

Maybe you aren’t liking my choices for my space and that is your choice to not like something I am doing. Or you think I should do something else. You can do something different. I’m created just like my fingerprint and different from you and that is wonderful. How I put my space is between me and God. If I’m doing something incorrectly, I know the Lord will show me and direct me.

You do this not only to spruce up your space but be transformed by the grace that you gained by first believing in it. Looking upwards to accept into my space within me, to the one I confess is the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

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