Are you blindly following faith or you secure in your beliefs? For over five years I have rigorously studied world religions and spiritual philosophies. Throughout these studies I have encountered a world renowned theme: That being that when one has unquestionable loyalty to a Divine being of sorts, the manifest world suddenly holds less importance,  the atrocities committed daily by world powers easier to understand and even forgive. But does this cause a problem in the long run? As we turn glazed eyes from the blinding truth, the powers that be can easily influence the world under a hypnotic pendulum.

Religion and spirituality are never a subject anyone wishes to speak openly about; however, I love breaking the social norms and find it pleasing to hear other opinions on the matter. I have read ancient texts from the Old world and even texts from the New world including the Bible, The Quran, The Upanishads, The Vedas – any common world religion, I have studied. Once again I find it alarming to realize that most stress significantly that the natural world and all that it encompasses is something we cannot control. Why would this idea be so widespread when the most influential society to modern man kind did not believe in such? The world powers from the past relied solely on the Priesthood to contain knowledge and power, which is where modern day societies get all their inspiration. The Romans, the Egyptians, the Mongols and the Brahmans all used their power to keep the populace folly focused on the unmanifest realm so as not to interfere with elaborate plans for the upper class. 

The priesthood of both Egypt and Rome relied solely on the ignorance of the common-man. The “wise” ruled with despotly desire to keep the keys hidden from the populace as to subjugate men to fear; unruly desolate wonder. The first King to oppose the authoritative evil was Ahkenaton. He composed his own ideals and created a Kingdom that worshipped the one true God, however after his untimely demise all records of his rule were erased from time. The Priesthood stepping in to once again regain control over a vast empire. Further east in Asia the people recklessly denied the inner world by embracing wholly the outer, contrasting magnificently with the ideals of the Indian caste, whom emphasized the laws of the Spirit above the illusory world. “All that was seen and heard and handled was vague and unsubstantial, forever passing, the shadow of a dream; only that was real which was of the spirit.” ( Edith Hamilton, The Greek Way 27 ) 

The Indians believed it was foolish to be concerned with outside forces that are merely nothing, they are ever-changining, ever present and deem no good will to the mind that matters most. The stress on the unmanifest only makes me question the validity of the Purahnas, the Vedas- all ancient texts as they could merely be a ploy to keep the populace in wretched despair. The unimportance of the manifest could be a distraction, so to speak, in order for the hierarchy to keep the power and pleasure in their grasp. Is it all a mask to cover the atrocious acts committed by those in power? A great dance of deceit and glory where the untrained mind can find solace in the unknown world as the known is so wretched? Or are we in a new age where the true Word of the ancient texts can be understood for its’ true nature. The words passed on for generations were indeed written down, with the intention that the rules would be followed; but now we see the underlying meaning of such Word and can decide for ourselves whether it be genuine or not. There are many who still live in poverty and we do noting about it because, “Who am I to interfere with the complex order of things?” or “I donate money to ____ foundation and I am doing my part.” However, are we just as ignorant as our predecessor slaves or even more so?

We find ourselves in the same position as those enslaved thousands of years ago: being fed lies, distractions and entertainment to keep the mind from wandering to far into the danger zone, thinking for ones’ self may result in the total loss of livelihood. Look at Colin Kaepernick and tell me he’s not a prime example of stepping in the way of a larger agenda: a plan to turn a race of humans against one another in order to cause mayhem. There are constantly new technological devices shoved down our throats that cause brain damage at alarming rates. Frequencies unaligned with the human consciousness can alter brain chemistry to the point of no return. Most of our modern day appliances and sustenance are so filled with gunk that it intrudes on the body’s ability to operate at its’ highest potential. Ever wondered why fast food is 90% cheaper than the real, organic stuff? Think about it. 

Are you following blindly like a sheep or are you thinking for yourself, taking time to truly question and understand things? Our minds were meant for more than just enjoying the latest rom-com or movie that comes out. Our bodies made for more than the gym or delectable food. Each being on this planet has a purpose and it is solely up to you to find your own. Don’t be a fool, a tool or a doormat- don’t follow the curve if you have no idea where it’s leading to and especially don’t ever doubt yourself. We are programmed with a built in security system, top notch technology that can be accessed through quieting the chatter of the mind, filling the body with proper nutrients:  physical, mental  and emotional.  We are ethereal beings when you tear back all the layers and truly peer inside the rabbit hole of wonder to discover the infinite being that is One. 

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  1. Stacia Stall 6 months ago

    I love both the study of theology, religion and independent thinking. This was a great post. Thanks for sharing. @jordynparks4143

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