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People sign up for Society Rebel all the time. Yet, people don’t write articles or share their experiences all the time. Another thing people do all the time is tell me that they just don’t know where to start. This is why we take great pride in the fact that we don’t just give rebels a platform to share their story, but also that we teach them how. Hopefully, this post encourages you to get out there and share something on your mind or in your heart. Nothing makes me happier than helping someone share their story.

This may be a shock, but sharing your story requires a lot less than you think it does. When you write an article at Society Rebel, the soul of your message is the thing that matters. You don’t need to get your grammar right, your spelling perfect, your idea crystal clear, or have the world’s coolest article title. Sure, it helps to spell check your work, but even a great message with bad grammar can change the world. Just think, people used to chisel crude messages into stones; I doubt these messages were all that articulate, yet our cultures are built on many of them today.

ingredient number one

an impactful moment in time that you experienced first hand

Do you see how easy this first ingredient is? If I were to further simplify this first ingredient, I would simply call it “life.” All it takes to share your story, is to live life and do your best to remember the details along the way.

I have begun to train myself to look for the stories in everything I experience. Everything from having a conversation with a stranger at the Apple Store to seeing the police pull someone over for speeding is an experience that has the opportunity to teach me something. It doesn’t always need to be something that feels profound either. You’d be surprised how something seemingly basic to you, could be a life changing revelation to someone else.

ingredient number two

something you learned, or a conclusion you came to, as the result of that experience

The second ingredient isn’t all that bad either is it? Just recall the thing you took away from your experience and write it down. Unpack what it meant to you, and share it with everyone else. Share the story of what it was like to go through the steps of processing your experience, or ultimately how it changed your outlook in life.

The best part about both of these things is, they can’t be wrong! No matter what you do, you can’t get this wrong. Your story is your story. Your takeaway is your takeaway. There will always be someone who thinks your story is politically incorrect, or supports an agenda, or offends their beliefs. None of that matters. All that matters is it’s out there and it’s real. Best of all, you can always count on the rebels at Society Rebel to encourage you to keep being who you are despite what the world thinks anyway. You’re #winning no matter what!

at the core, every story looks like this

This is a little example of the basic ingredients that make up a story.

“I went for a walk to get a coffee at ‘Dunkin Donuts.’ I paid with Apple Pay. The girl behind the counter thought I hacked the register or something so she called her manager. The manager pushed me to explain what I did. I showed how it all works. We had a good laugh. I walked home with my coffee. I learned that just because something is new and better, doesn’t mean people are going to accept it with open arms. People are scared of change. People are even scared of good change.”

This little paragraph has every element necessary to share your story. It’s that simple. Once you have that much information you simply need to go back and add more details. Explain what your walk to ‘Dunkin Donuts’ was like. Was it hot? Windy? Were you listening to music? What song were you listening to? When you decided to use Apple Pay, how did you feel? Were you excited? What was the expression of the associate behind the counter that thought your transaction was unusual? Did she treat you rudely? Was she angry? When the manager came out, did the tone of the conversation change? Was she mean? When you explained what Apple Pay was, did the staff think it was really cool? What were you thinking when you walked home? What other aspects of life are people scared of change? Equal rights? Humanism? Green initiatives? What do you want people to walk away from this story knowing?

That’s how it works. Two simple ingredients can snowball into you sharing your story with the world. I believe in the mission of Society Rebel so very much, because it isn’t complicated.

We want to give every rebel a cause and a place to call home.

We want them to share their stories and help other people live better lives. All it takes is a few brave people to be themselves, and for those same people to accept everyone else.

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  1. Sandra Cox 2 years ago

    If you post other bloggers’ work, please check out mine.

    • Stacia Stall 2 years ago

      Hey Sandra,

      We actually don’t post writing that’s featured elsewhere. You can sign up to be a rebel, and share unique content, even content that links back to your own blog, but the blog relationships can be mutually beneficial. I hope that makes sense.

      Thanks for checking out society rebel!!

  2. Sandra Cox 2 years ago

    Please check out my blog.

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