twist of fate

There was a time when everything was so clear.
Life seemed to have a sort of, iridescent hope instilled naturally into everything.

every thought,
every feeling,
every desire.

There was a time when peace reigned and Heaven wasn’t just a place. There was a time… until there wasn’t.

This is the reality so many of us face when confronted with cruelty. There are many forms of cruelty, but what I relate to and have experienced ranges from being bullied, being abused sexually, emotionally and physically, and the average neglect and abandonment. All of these problems were buried for years at my mental health’s expense.  The cruelty experienced by those whom cannot defend themselves is outright immoral and inhumane. Animals, children, women and men should never experience violence or hate. The deforestation of our worlds greatest treasures as our greed and lust grows daily needs to be addressed before it’s too late.

ways to change

There are so many ways to change our fate, I’d like to list a few before we continue:

“write down your feelings, put them in their place.”

Don’t let these foolish thoughts control your mind for if you stop and rewind you can see their true face. Distorted, demented, these views are flawed. Write it down and begin to see how, you may have placed blame where it does not belong, maybe some shame or guilt has prolonged. When ready to heal and finally move on, just breathe, relax and count on and on.. exhale.. inhale.. it’s all alright. You’re in safe place; there’s no wrong nor right. You are innocent, pure, love and Light.” 

~ A simple mantra from my Diary that helps my personal PTSD symptoms.

As I connect with more and more individuals in this world I can clearly see another societal issue we face, yet dare not confront. The greatest truth coated with deceit is the reality of ourselves; Our portrayal of who we are to the world is so falsified that we believe our own lies. We choose to ignore the ugly sides of what makes us, US, and focus on the pretty parts worth viewing.

When life’s true colors begin to show we do the only thing imaginable: We hide from the light and bury ourselves beneath the darkest hours. We use drugs, alcohol, even sex or money to understand what has happened to our youth. But there are other ways to cope with life’s misfortunes.

“talk about it!”

Refuse to allow the cycle to continue, become a voice for those whom can’t speak for themselves.. Our children deserve the best future we can give them, encouraging the use of drugs is rampant in our society and it’s time we put a stop to this madness. The cycle breaks today. Namaste.

 Innocence fades into the abyss of time, all that remains is you; no longer in your prime.
A game to be played, you’re merely a pawn. This is the reality of what goes on
In this place we fill with hate, actions misunderstood from the get, we shelter this pain with bearable hurt.
Cast away all who could care, love, flirt…
“I don’t deserve this gift from above.” –
Life is too short to waste on these thoughts, they cast ill-energy into the lot; transform your reality into what you believe.
You’re unaware your eyes cannot see, Your true essence;  Love, Light-you are Free, to alter your story and bring day to night.
Let the sun rise, dry your tears and hold your chin high-
Your connection to Source will never run dry.
Although life is cyclical, we go through periods of growth and decay, there’s lessons to be learned along the way..
Do not give up. Do not cave in. Your world is yours to mold and mend.
But first you must bring to light your darkest fears and frights, these are the driving forces behind your life.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

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