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I have started craving silence. In my old rural life, I loved blasting music to fill the void or listening to people chatter. But here in the bustling city with cars constantly honking, buses screeching as they abuse ancient brakes and people yelling, I love silence more and more. I crave silence as I walk to work by the highway as vehicles swarm past me. I crave silence as coworkers and clients argue and hurry. I crave silence as I lock the door behind me, wishing the road was farther from my window, and the neighbor’s marital problems farther from my apartment. 

It is an interesting thing to crave silence when it is literally the absence of sound; a very specific void. To me, silence is enjoyable because I am constantly surrounded by noise and chaos. To have silence in my life would not be taking anything away, but adding a necessary factor of peace. However, because I live in the city, actually obtaining silence has been next to impossible.  With a lot of thought and effort, I have been able to find a few ways for me to enjoy the essence of silence even in my insane life.

1.) silencing unnecessary thoughts

This was by far the hardest thing for me to do. With my industrious brain cogs always spinning, always thinking, always planning, it was hard to just make it stop. By taking time to meditate daily and to be very vigilant to stop myself from thinking about every little worrisome thing, I was able to enjoy the essence of silence by having peace of mind.

2.)  turning off background sounds

I am so used to having podcasts, informational Youtube videos, and music on in the background when I really don’t need it. In this day of information I am constantly bombarded by fact, news, information and sounds constantly. By turning off my access to these in the evenings and mornings, I have been feeling much more peaceful.

3.) finding quiet havens

Avoiding noisy places, obnoxious people and situations has been huge in my search for silence in my life. While I understand not every situation can be avoided, and that obnoxious people cannot be completely cut out, limiting contact is always an option. Going to Starbucks for my lunch instead of using the noisy break room has helped me recapture the essence of silence.

I am still surrounded by noise. I still work at a job I don’t like (working on that, though!).  There are things that I cannot eliminate from my life completely. But by managing my own mind and how much information I put into it, as well as where I place myself, I have found a lot more peace in my life.

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  1. Stacia Stall 1 year ago

    @happybanjohippie Great advice! Look forward to reading more of your perspective on life and city living!

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