the struggle is real

This term rings true for so many people, in so many ways. The “struggle” is that constant everyday hustle that everyone is working towards just to “make it” through the day.

The clock is ticking, the time is flying and you’re just thinking how the hell am I gonna do all this right now!

The answer is simple, the answer is, you’re not, and that’s okay!

We look at our unclean houses, the kids running in circles chucking milk and cheerios as they go and we see the path of destruction that follows. Some of us tense up, try and hold it in, some of us scream and yell, some of us laugh it off and chalk it up to kids being kids living life.

I remember before I had kids I had this crazy appetite for life, this need to fill my day up with things to do and be busy and be all over the place.

Now that I’m busier than ever, I look forward to the slower days and down time. The days of wandering and looking at the beauty of nature; the free things in life that are so magical.

Funny how life works right? When you’re not busy, you want to be busy. When you’re finally busy, you wish you could relax.

the secret to mastering the struggle is to be ok with the fact that everything is not going to be perfect and that’s okay

Give yourself grace. Give yourself time. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, right? Your life doesn’t have to be either.

Each day:
Sit down
Make a list
Work from that list and cross things off one by one

Make time for yourself. Make time to do what fulfills you and gives you joy. You’ve heard the phrase ” you can’t pour from an empty cup” right? It could not be more true! We have to take care of us before we can take care of another.

So whether it’s five minutes, five hours or a full day, TAKE IT!

Don’t let guilt creep in making you feel bad for spending the money or taking the time away from your kids. We all need to reboot and refresh.

You can’t lose yourself in life; you have to find the balance.

slow down, enjoy the sites, enjoy the chaos, enjoy the mess of life

Sometimes looking at the big picture can be overwhelming and stressful. Start small, take baby steps towards the big picture.

four things to remember when the struggle is really real:

1. Know your limits and boundaries and be ok with knowing you can’t do it all.

 It’s harder than it sounds for sure, but surrendering to God, the universe or whoever your higher power is to help ease the load is an incredibly liberating feeling.

2. Find comfort in knowing that everyone is also struggling.

Emotions and thoughts and insecurities fly through everyone’s head constantly. It’s all about how we deal with it, how we choose to let it affect us and what we do with it going forward!

3. Be the creator of your happiness.

Yes, “the struggle is real”. Life is hard but there is so much reward and joy in pushing through the tough times to make it to the other side. Struggles make us stronger and without them, we wouldn’t know how to be grateful and appreciate life’s precious joys. Each struggle has a lesson, find what you need to learn from each one.

4. Don’t forget your worth.

Remember to always look within yourself for your drive, your confidence, and your answers. We all have everything we need. It is how we bounce back from a struggle that defines us.

everyone has a choice. choose positivity, choose grace, choose happiness, then handle your day like a boss!

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  1. Stacia Stall 2 years ago

    After I read this post, I made a daily list. Thank you @courtneysanford

  2. Anonymous 2 years ago

    😘😘😘 that’s awesome! Thank you!

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