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you ever have those days where you sit and think what the eff am i doing? where am i going? what am i going to do with my life?

I think it’s safe to say it’s crossed each and every one of our minds at some point in our life right?

I mean hello… it’s a valid question.

We all have that plan, we all want that vision, hell, some of us have nothing and that’s cool too. However, what if I told you that those thoughts have crossed even the world’s greatest, most influential people’s minds… because they have.

so what’s the difference between them and us you ask?

Well first off, when those questions cross the world’s greatest minds, instead of wasting time, ignoring it, or coming up with excuses; they answer those questions and they answer them straight out!

They come back at themselves with honest, truthful answers that probably sting a little, but that truly force them to find the answers within!

P.S. If that doesn’t sting a little bit, you’re not digging deep enough.

Now that “within” part of us is actually pretty special because it’s what controls all of us. You see all of our answers come from “within”.

It’s actually that simple.

so many of us look to others for answers and approval and acceptance when really it doesn’t even matter and in the end, their approval and answers won’t fulfill that void anyway.

When you stop questioning yourself, an amazing thing happens, the “what ifs” turn into definite statements of action. Your uncertainty turns into clear visions of your life.

There was a time not too long ago for me where I was living the same day every day, I talked about my “what ifs”, I talked about “one day”, and you know what that did? Nothing!! It did absolutely nothing because it was “just words.” Nothing changed until I put it into action. I remember it like it was yesterday, I signed up for Alexi Panos’ webinar, “Five Ways to Unlock Abundance.” (If you haven’t heard of her your truly missing out, google her, buy her book and follow her.)

I made the time in my schedule, busted out a notebook and a pen and thought, ok I’m doing this. It’s the first step and I’m doing this hard! I don’t know if it was the actual content of the webinar, the amazing Alexi Panos herself or my wide open ready mind to absorb all that I had previously only talked about in my life. But whatever happened, I kid you not the day I watched that webinar my whole outlook and mindset shifted. It truly eliminated my “what ifs” and changed my life.

The vision was clear and everything in my view was made into such a simple way that I couldn’t believe this whole time I had been missing all of it! You see I thought I had a pretty good grasp on the whole idea but I was missing some key points to complete the puzzle.

to unlock your life you need to unlock your mind!

That is truly the secret, and it really is that simple! Dive into those personal developments books, stare at yourself in the mirror and be brutally honest, open up the wounds so they can heal. We heal from within. Don’t try and fix the world’s problems, first fix yours so that you can help guide others to fix themselves.
Stop looking to others to give you something, stop depending on others to make you feel something, stop letting others control your emotions.

Be one hundred percent authentic and true! Do the work, get down and dirty with the questions and your truth and state your hurt dead in the eye and heal it.

Take action, even if it’s baby steps, we all gotta start somewhere right?
Just start!
Do something.
Life is too short to replay and repeat the “what ifs”.
Life is precious, amazing, beautiful, and enchanting.

let your “what ifs” drive you to want something better, let them push you. turn your “what ifs” into your reality!

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  1. Stacia Stall 2 years ago

    Great post @courtneysanford! I love to see you writing such empowering stuff.

  2. Ashley 1 year ago

    Love it Court ! ❤️❤️❤️💪🏻

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