welcome to being a mom

welcome to being a mom

You’re constantly tired, your body shape has altered, you can’t remember the last time you styled your hair or spent more than 15 minutes making yourself ‘presentable’, yet you have a wonderful baby in your arms. A toddler who has just learnt to give you the most perfect, albeit, slobbery kisses. It didn’t take me long to compile a quick list of the ways and things that will change when you now share your house with a “mini you.” No doubt you will have heard some of these before, but I’m here, telling you that they actually do happen. So go make that hot cup of coffee (tastes good with the bonus of added energy) or that hot cup of tea for a little bit of relaxation, and read this list.

ten things that change when you become a mom:

1. You’ll never go “potty” alone again

What? You want to go to the toilet in peace and quiet? When you have a toddler or young child, say farewell to bathroom privacy. It just does not exist. Your child will come in with you, open the cupboards and pull the towel down off the rail. Act like an overjoyed puppy playing with the toilet paper. And just you wait until they have worked out how to operate the flush mechanism.

2. A 15-minute shower is like a day at the spa.

Remember the days of long showers, long hot showers?… Yeah, they are a thing of the past. Now it’s about routine and time management before you hear your little one cry out for you. The good news is that when you do get a chance to have a spa day. What once was relaxation is now a little bit of heaven on earth.

3. Lack of sleep.

This one was bound to make the list. From the moment your child is born sleep will never be the same. Even if you have a baby that tends to sleep really well, it will take getting used to because your natural reaction is that they are too quiet and so you feel compelled to go and check on them. Your child moving about in its sleep, quite clearly shown on the baby monitor, is not sufficient proof – you will feel that it is necessary to go and see in person. Once they are a toddler, they love coming in beside you for cuddles. Be warned this is a ploy to take over the entire bed. How someone so small can starfish and take up a kingsize bed I will never know.

4. Meals are forever shared.

Gone are the times of being able to eat your food in peace. Little fingers will work their way onto the edge of your plate and steal some pasta or chips whilst you are not looking. Even if they are eating the exact same thing, the rule of thumb is that what is on your plate will be tastier. Be prepared for your food to be stolen, and for the mini tantrums all because you won’t share your coffee or that well-deserved glass of wine.

5. Happy hour is nap time.

Make the most of this time. Even if it is as simple as going for a nap yourself. Or get yourself a hot drink, read a book, fold the washing. Whatever you do, just utilize this time. It does not last for long.

6. Tidying up is futile.

Hurrah! (not really) My house used to be very tidy. Everything had its place, and unless being used, that was where it would reside. Now if you walk into my lounge you would be lucky if you do not stand on a toy or a book. My little one believes that all toys and books (even my ones from the bookcase) live on the floor. It is so much easier to tidy up once my whirlwind of a child is napping or in bed.

7. Your washing machine/tumble drier will be on 70% of the day and it has become your best friend.

Use it whenever you need to, children make more mess than you can imagine.

8. Adult conversation will be something you crave.

Never talked politics in your life? You will once you have a child, just to be able to use your brain and prevent it from going to mush.

9. Silence is golden

…that is until you realise that means that your darling angel is up to something. Normally something that they should not be doing. Don’t trust the quiet times!

10. You crave to have some “you time”, and yet when you do get those 5 minutes alone, you miss your little cherub.

Or you spend time thinking and planning on what needs to be done for your child. It is simpler to just accept that you and your child are constantly connected. And that’s a good thing.


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  1. Stacia Stall 1 year ago

    Great post @laurac these are all so painfully true it should be funny, but it’s mostly not.

    My kids are 4 and 6 and they still think they have a license to follow me into the bathroom. 🙈

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