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Every day we wake up and go to work or go to class and focus on one task at a time. We stress about getting to work on time and impressing our boss or getting our assignment turned in on time.

Then we focus on what we are doing that day and how we can get everything done before going home. We come home and focus on what we accomplished and then we worry about what tomorrow will be like.

All we ever do is focus on the present, and that’s not all bad, but what we should really be doing is also thinking about the future.

Sometimes we get so caught up in getting a good grade or reaching one single goal, that we lose track of the bigger picture.
What are those good grades for?

why do we worry about reaching little goals?

Its simple, if we take a step back and look at our ultimate goal, everything sort of falls into place.

That assignment is going to get a good grade so that you can pass your class and move on to get a degree, and that degree is going to open a door to your dream job.

Pleasing your boss today will improve your status at work, which leads to a raise, which leads to a better future and money to pay for that future.

Today I took that step back and looked at the bigger picture.

I actually almost forgot why I went to school and why I was putting in all of this hard work. I reflected on my original goals and remembered who I wanted to be, and that was the greatest feeling because I realized I’m still that person.

At some point, I got too up-close with my goals that my ultimate goal split into millions of smaller goals. Its okay to work on one goal at a time though, because that’s how we work our way to the top, but don’t let those millions of little tasks consume you.

I write this to remind everyone that they once started with

one goal
one dream.

Don’t lose faith in yourself as you climb your way to reaching that goal and, whatever you do, don’t forget why you started climbing in the first place.

remember who you are as a person and don’t let life knock you down.

If it does, just take a breath and step back for a moment to look at your big picture. Your dream is waiting for you.



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