I'm a survivor

I don’t want to be labeled a VICTIM of sexual assault.

I want to be called a SURVIVOR.

I survived that vicious attack. At the moment I felt so weak. I’m barely five feet tall. This guy was a 6’2″ Marine. I couldn’t get away. This was another emotional scar to add to my collection. Painted one after another. A new layer of pain smeared over the already existing scars. It’s like bricks being piled on top of each other. The weight keeps being added more and more until your body breaks. For the longest time, I was treating it like a band-aid. The wound may be hidden but you know it’s still there.

finding the light

The time came that I was sick of feeling this way. I wasn’t about to let these scars control me. So, I fought my way to find the light. Once I found it- it was the brightest light I’ve ever seen. It blinded me from all the negativity I’ve endured since I was 13. I was able to see the image that I wanted to paint.

I wasn’t going to let my depression define me. I wasn’t going to let my emotional distress define me. What was I going to let define me?


I conquered the war that was battling within me. I slayed, vanquished, and annihilated every enemy. If you’ve endured abuse of any kind and overcame it. Don’t let the word “victim” dictate your life.

You’re a WARRIOR. You’re a SURVIVOR.

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  1. Derra Nicole Sabo 9 months ago

    Such an empowering post Jen. ❤❤

    • Author
      Jen Van Houten 8 months ago

      So sorry for the late reply! I’m not able to reply on my computer because Society Rebel says I need to upgrade my Chrome but my laptop is so old it can’t update anything anymore & my phone tends to be shitty. Anyway, thank you!

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