We aren’t supposed to focus on hatred, divisions,

greed, violence, law breakers, and hyper criticisms.

No real conversations without feeling offended.

Not waiting for the extremes to put down the hatred.

We create our own flames and fires from circumstances.

The deep fog of unforgiveness and not giving second chances.

The ego of what’s in it just for me, let us take away.

What is good for all is what will relay.

As the seed spouts from the darkness of the soil beneath.

Towards the life-giving light to bloom and breathe.

Breaking through the negative backlog.

Peaking of the sunshine through the fog.

Through developing of the years of live and learn.

Peace, love, respect, and good stewards I yearn.

We all can diminish the negativity,

With good deeds of positivity.

Start small spreading good stuff with good deeds.

Help someone rise up supersedes.

The circumstance may be complicated.

The sun’s rays shoot through the fog a little belated.

A stirring, inspiration, and deep breath with exhilaration,

Starts with a twinkling and anticipation.

Hope continues through the sorrows in time.

Only with love, compassion, peace and respect shifts the paradigm.

The fog weakens and lifts to recede to the light of the sunshine galore.

Instead of fighting and greed turn instead with the love light soar.

Keep looking through the fogs in life to see the sunshine instead.

Let respect and compassion become like the light of the sun’s rays so widespread.

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