stop listening to other people

If I had listened to the advice of everyone else in my life, I’d still be stuck sitting in my living room. I wouldn’t have had the courage to leave Canada and spend one year traveling and backpacking the world from Vietnam to New Zealand. I wouldn’t have had the courage recently to quit my 9-5 office job, pack up my life in a van, and in the new few days that followed drive across the country to move to a small town in the mountains where I don’t know a soul.

Get Messy.

Make Mistakes.

Take Risks.

I can promise you, that on your death bed you will look back on it all – and you will smile. Quite frankly, I’m done with the phrase “be realistic”.

realistic never made dreams come true.

So be unrealistic, think outside of the box, do things other people can’t see quite yet. Let people think you’re insane. But when you do get there, people will ask “how did you do it?”.

I say this in hopes that it will inspire you to have the courage to live your own truth, stop living your life for anyone else but yourself and walk your own path even if it’s not considered “conventional” by society’s measures. (bold)I say this in the hope that it will allow you to stop listening to advice from people who have never been where you’re going.

Out of fear, we as individuals begin to constantly focus on being realistic as the main goal. To play it safe in order to avoid failure. Most people who say “Let’s be realistic” are living out of fear. We don’t want to aim too high for fear that we will miss our target. So we aim in the middle, where we can safely reach. However, failure helps us grow and move forward.

the greatest leaders failed more times than the beginners have even tried

Consequently, if you have a dream that is considered out of the ordinary or “too big” you may have faced opposition from others. If I can give one piece of advice to you – it’s this: a lot of people will give their opinions on how you live your life – but first, I ask you to take a look at their life. If their life is not for you or not where you would like to end up, smile, nod and do whatever the f*ck you were going to do anyway.

when leaving on a journey do not listen to those who have never left home

Your journey can be both figurative and literal.

I say this with the most love in my heart – in order for you to live your own wildest truth, however that may look for you. And ironically, if my life is not where you would like to end up – then please do the same to me! (haha). What I am trying to say is take every person’s advice with a grain of salt. Others’ opinions can sometimes reflect the limitations of their own mindset; they do not need to become yours.

sometimes, it is hard to distinguish optimism from insanity

People who have achieved great things and overcome limits were not “realistic”, not by other people’s standards. They were considered unrealistic before they were able to accomplish what had not yet been accomplished. Belief needs to come first. To create amazing things that don’t yet exist you often have to take a blind leap of faith into the unknown.

Amazing things simply don’t happen from being realistic, sometimes they occur from being wildly unrealistic.

Let your optimism see what others can’t and transform your circumstances. As writer Joseph Conrad put it – “only in our imagination does every truth find its undeniable existence.” If you believe it cannot be done, that is your truth. If you believe that it can, that is also your truth.

Get unrealistic, walk your path, live your truth and reach for the sky.

I believe in you.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music” – Friedrich Nietzsche.



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  1. TK Dennis 1 year ago

    Katelyn, you’re a fireball! I love this post.

    “Amazing things simply don’t happen from being realistic, sometimes they occur from being wildly unrealistic.” – Katelyn Comeau

  2. Sikeea Graham 1 year ago

    This post is so inspiring! I love that you’re really just going for it! Have a great time in Alaska, and all your upcoming adventures!

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