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don’t forget to be still

I’ve been quieted for a little while, soaking in a repletion and seeking serenity. There is a time for everything under the heavens. With the hustle and bustle of daily living, oversharing, and continuous mental chatter we may forget to be still. Synchronicity can happen in ourselves as well as our surroundings. Even during disharmony and strife. If I can experience this, anyone can.

The world, society, and even our own selves are in such a deep, dense, pea soup kind of fog to keep us down and resist being quiet. As if quiet is a bad thing. Wonder why that is? It’s a trick to keep us overloaded, weakened, confused, and divided. The result is that we are not able to stand strong with that resilient childlike faith that we were born with. To keep us in agitation and cause more harm than good. We all fall for this trick. We all want to have our say. Yet how many of us quiet down to listen?

A truth bomb I will confess. This is not an instantaneous fix, it comes with discipline and focus.

Have you spent time near a stream, river, or ocean? Have you walked within nature? Have you set aside at least 20 min a day for quiet time? As you breathe in the air around you; you bring oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. We do this every day without consideration. Thank God for this day of life how we were created and designed. Yet, with what comes at us daily distracts us from this very thing. If you are reading this, we are alive right this minute. Take nothing for granted, especially your breath.

Spending time reconnecting with your vitality is a great way to “be still and know.” You don’t have to beat yourself up when you try this for the first time and thoughts come to distract you. Notice it and visualize you lifting it up and away each time.

Sure, you have had struggles and complications in your life. Many other humans living in the world would agree but only in the light of their own problems. These distresses, troubles, and hardships can improve your own spirit as well. Just when we don’t think we have the strength, in the quiet stillness we get renewed once again. Don’t give up! You are still here for a purpose and to not give in.

If you haven’t made time to quiet your own soul, the time is now. I don’t care where you are or what you are doing, make 15-20 min somehow during the day. With calm music or without. With mantras or with scriptures, or with nothing. No other expectations except to connect to your breathing. Some people try to visualize a light or following a point in their body like blood flowing through the veins.

discipline and focus

Quieting my stillness around all the chaos, in my experience was challenging at first. I didn’t give up. Here is what I’ve tried and works for me.

I go sit as comfortably as I can without slouching. I focus on a Christian mantra to keep focused on God Almighty. Judge me it if you will. I am not ashamed. I keep my eye fixed on a spot above me until my eyes naturally close. I breathe in as I think to myself, “be still”. I breathe out as I think to myself “and know”. I breathe in again as I think, “that you” (focused on talking to God). I breathe out again as I think, “are God”. Psalm 46:10. You can also use many other verses or your own words for in and out breaths.

After this no matter what comes at me, I am in more peace than I had before spending time in stillness and quiet. The process you use is anything that helps you to be quieted. If you are agitated before, it is up to you to recognize what is the issue and release it. It is not meant to grab onto it and claim anything. It’s a vapor cloud that moves on. The remains of the peacefulness

goodwill follows

Once the stillness, tranquility, harmony starts within you it does permeate around you. Goodwill seems to follow naturally, without even trying and being completely you, that you were created to be. In the presence of goodwill, we can lose our egos to the I’s and listen with our hearts to the surrounding needs. We can share our experiences in a calmer more tranquil place within to help those struggling where we once were.

You will still have things come against you as an opposing force. This doesn’t take it away like a magic pill. BUT it does help you deal with life and all the situations. It is possible to make more order come out of quiet stillness during life’s agitations. Hope this helped someone to at least know it’s okay to spend a few minutes of the day to refocus and find your harmony. Even busy mothers and fathers doing it all. Who knows, maybe you can get the kiddos involved too. It may help them refocus and deal with things better when they have something that upsets them.

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