Your words can hugely impact your attitude on any given day. Like I mentioned before in my blog about words to eliminate from your vocabulary, the more you say something the more likely it will become true. That includes things you shouldn’t say AND things you should say.

If you want to be successful in whatever way it is you define success, you have to talk the successful talk and walk the successful walk. The more successfulness you emanate, the more likely it will become reality. Your words are a great place to start.

7 phrases that successful people use on a regular basis

1) “today is going to be a great day”

Starting off your day on the right foot is extremely important to finding success. If every morning is an uphill battle, you’ll never make any progress. Declaring today a great day, no matter the circumstances, will help you live the day like it is a great day. And great days lead to great success.

2) “I don’t know the answer, but I will find out”

It’s impossible to know everything. There will come a time when you don’t know something. And that’s okay! But successful people take the next step to find the answer to that question or learn how to do what they’ve been asked to do. The constant pursuit of knowledge and learning is definitely a trait of successful people.

3) “I think I’ll skip the show tonight”

Sleep is key to success. And you won’t get any sleep if you keep watching Netflix before bed! It can be easy to fall victim to the auto-play trap, but ditching the bad habits in the bedroom will help you sleep better and more productively. A good night’s sleep will make all the difference in the world while you are working towards your goals.

4) nothing at all

For most, it takes great restraint to hold your tongue. But successful people know when to shut up. They are great listeners. They are sponges constantly absorbing their surroundings. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all, because if you’re the one always talking, you’ll never learn anything new.

5) “I was wrong”

Accountability is an incredibly important personality trait. Successful people have no problem taking responsibility for their mistakes and admitting fault when appropriate. But, more importantly, they learn from their wrongdoings and become better for it.

6) “what can I help you with?”

An important part of personal growth is learning new things. By being proactive and asking what you can help with, it shows that you take initiative and are willing to put yourself out there to grow. Successful people understand that there’s always room for improvement, and learning from others is a great way to accomplish it.

7) “I could have done better, and next time, I will”

Like taking accountability for your mistakes, admitting that you did not do your best is equally important. Not everything you do is going to be 100% perfect. Each time you do something, you should learn from it so that next time you can do it better. But if you never admit that you could have done better, you’ll never get better.

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