In order to lead well or be the boss of anything, are you willing to serve and struggle in knowing confidence? Learning to rise from the trenches. To learn endurance and what others will struggle with as well leads to a true boss holding on the reigns of life.

Since my father was sick with stomach cancer, my brother was 14 and did everything to get job after job. Now 23 years later he has so much skill set, work ethic, and experience that takes him anywhere he wants to go. Many other stories of struggle, desperation, and willing to put effort into what you can accomplish without resorting to the oldest profession in the world or selling your soul to the devil.

We all want that quick fix in life. That let’s make six figures right now mentality. Which would be nice, not in every case realistic though. In this automated swing of life that was supposed to heighten our awareness has just not awakened us. That sense of entitlement, argumentative, and seemingly lazier workforce pushes aside those that truly take a proud stance on great work ethics.

We all go through life sometimes thinking we are above doing something, I was guilty too at one time. Then I became a wife, mother, and so much more. Juggling wiping butts and noses without making the noses brown takes you to a humbling experience. With the management of finances, supplies, and projects from home life to work life and still have my head on straight is a miracle. Praise God!

Whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish and obtain the skill sets needed along the way. Yes, I truly believe and live that daily. That daily grind has a way of shaping you and your experiences in life. You become more positive person growing and learning. Especially how to deal with negativity without losing your cool is a highly sought-after skill set.

Everything you experience during your lifetime to at one extent or the other someone else has similar experiences and a variety of different ways of dealing with it. Nothing like that of a good work ethic to bring yourself to the brightness of what your purpose is. Using the skills, you maintained during your grind to fulfill that purpose. It’s not all about the dollars that give you a boss life, it is learning just how to lead properly knowing from experience, treating people well with great customer service, being down at the bottom, and serving others. The true boss life does so with grace and not in complaints and micromanagement. One that has the hands on the reigns can turn any problem into solutions and extra time into something beautiful, respectful, and helpful to all involved.   

“Many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.” Jesus Christ (Matt 19:30)  

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