I am learning to reclaim the term “Holy Spirit.”

The Christian tradition, and specifically the Pentecostal/Charismatic tradition in which I was raised, put a tremendous emphasis on the Holy Spirit.

We are filled with the Spirit.

the spirit is with us and dwells in us and leads us and guides us

The Holy Spirit intercedes for us on our behalf. When we do not have the proper words to pray, the Spirit will pray in our place.

I had lost so much of this as I lost my faith in the very constrained God of my Christian tradition.

I am now finding a way to fully reconnect with the Holy Spirit and I feel my soul come alive.  Finding a way to say, “I am full of the Holy Spirit,” creates an energy that resonates so deeply in my being.

I am learning to trust the Holy Spirit again. I’m learning to see the Holy Spirit in my life in a fresh new way. I cannot explain it as well as I once could. At one time in my life, I had all the answers and everything was very black and white and simple. Now I have many more questions and very few answers, but I am so much more alive!

I feel such happiness being able to reconnect with and reclaim the term Holy Spirit.

Spirit is redefined and re-imaged in many ways from the ideas with which I grew up, and yet Spirit remains the same.

The boundaries,
restraints, and
restrictions have fallen away.

spirit includes everyone and is with each of us and connects us and draws us to one another

The energy that draws breath into my body draws breath into each body, everybody. The energy that causes my heart to beat, causes each heart to beat.

Every heart around the world beats together in a great chorus, an amazing thunderous symphony of Spirit energy. Each heart connected with, by, and through this Spirit.

There is a rhythmic, constant, continual beating.

Some hearts are brand new and beat a rapid rhythm.
Some are very old and beat heavy and slow.

But together they produce a cacophony of thunderous sound, almost silent, but magnificent if one learns to listen and notice.

There is a constant thunderous applause of heartbeats connecting each of us to the other, to all.

This energy, this Holy energy, this Holy Spirit dwells within each of us just waiting to be heard, noticed, and recognized.

This Spirit…

This Energy…

This Love…

This charges me full with the charge of the soul.

My heart does not beat alone.
My heart beats and my lungs breathe as a part of an amazing symphony-the symphony of life.
I can feel it pounding in my chest, beating constantly.
I see and feel my chest swell with the Spirit of life.

I am not alone.
You are not alone.

None of us are alone.
We are all a part of this splendiferous orchestra.

We are all led by the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit conducts, orchestrates, energizes and we all participate.

if you are alive you cannot help but participate

Be still.



Know you are not alone.
You can never be alone.

Hearts beat,

Lungs breathe,

In constant unison along with you.

The Spirit compels each heart to beat. The Spirit fills us with each breath.

The Spirit goes within as we breathe in and sends life pulsing through each body.
The Spirit then flows out from us with each exhale, sharing our life force with the world.
And we cannot, without ceasing our existence, prevent this constant, continual, amazing, beautiful, sharing through the Spirit.

You can refuse to notice it.
You can redefine it.
You can rename it.
But you cannot deny nor escape it.

Your heart beats. Your lungs breathe.

energy flows constantly through you

The Spirit is in us.
The Energy keeps us alive.
The Holy Spirit connects each and every one of us.

The Holy Spirit-Divine Energy, Divine Light, Amazing Love, it is with us, alive in us, and we cannot escape it.

Even death cannot contain it.

We are wrapped within,
a complete part of,
fully connected to,
this amazing life.

I am not alone. You are not alone. No one is alone.
The Holy Spirit is with us, connecting us, drawing us together.

We are all in this together, there is no other way.

You are full of the Holy Spirit.
Listen. Breathe. Be.
We are all full of the Holy Spirit.

I am full of the Holy Spirit.

(Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash)

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  1. Shawn C Mace 1 year ago

    Woohoo! Glory to God through Jesus our savior who breathed this Holy Spirit into us being born again. It’s not a religion but a true way of walking following God.

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