Jordyn Parks

Most Read Post

It’s no surprise that Jordyn’s post titled “i survived” ended up being our most read post of 2017. Not only is Jordyn an incredible writer, but she does an excellent job at encouraging people to feel confident in who they are. Jordyn wrote this post in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and we couldn’t be more proud of her for being brave enough to share her own experiences.

Laura Cass

Most Read on Apple News

The world of Apple News saw thousands of people reading Laura’s post titled “the black dog i never wanted.” This is because millions of us suffer with depression every day. Laura’s short transparent post on the issue is proof that sharing your true story is more important than having a lot to write. Sometimes people just want to know they’re not alone. Your bravery makes others brave.

Megan Karman

Most Read by a Rebel

The post most read by our own rebels in 2017 was no other than Megan’s post “be unapologetically you.” We love this post so much. This post is Megan’s declaration to the world that people shouldn’t be stuck pretending so they can fit in. Sometimes all of us need to take a look at ourselves and challenge the old ways of seeing life; Megan does an amazing job at encouraging us to do this.

Sikeea Graham

Best Post Title

We really loved this two part post, and it’s our favorite post title ever. This post hit home for us because we struggle with some of the issues Sikeea mentioned. From junk food to needing alone time for the purpose of recharging. Sikeea was a real encouragement to us here. We often need permission from other people to express ourselves honestly. We feel like Sikeea gives plenty of that in her post.

Cam Anders

Staff Favorite

After reading Cam’s post earlier this year, we were so fired up, and motivated to make a difference in our crazy world. This was our favorite post because good writing, and good ideas in general, should drive you to both feel and act. This post did exactly that. We need more content that causes us to question what we believe. Props to Cam for doing that for us.

Emma Nelson

Greatest Hustler

Emma is just plain awesome! There’s no other way to spin it. She has climbed the “Hustle” ladder from zero to over ten thousand in 2017. She’s constantly sharing her life experiences and observations. Sometimes it’s a poem, while sometimes it’s a story with a lesson. Either way, we feel the love, and we definitely aspire to hustle like she does. Thanks for setting the bar Emma!

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