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Is it better to be in a workplace and be friends with everyone, regardless of your personal opinion of them, or just mind your business and go about your day with your nose in the air, not paying any mind to those you surround yourself with?

This can be a very sticky situation if you’re not careful with the way you present yourself. You’re either too nice to those who you don’t particularly care for which to some may be defined as being fake. Or, you come off rude and a bit passive-aggressive, which to some would define you as an unfriendly, anti-social and anti-cooperative unpleasant person. It can be very easy to walk this line but it can also be very difficult if you find that the line is to thin to walk.

As we grow up we are told at multiple places of employment to leave your outside life at the door, come in, do our job, not let what’s left at the door effect our work and get it done. It just so happens though that this is a real day to day struggle. Anyone can easily go into their place of work, grind all day long and get the job done; however, this is unrealistic in the world we live in now. We are communicating with people day in and day out; either face to face, via chats, emails, phone calls, you name it, we are communicating. With all the communicating we do it is very easy to let our outside lives affect the way we present ourselves and communicate with others in and out of work.

let people know you’re going to “keep busy”

When you work, you’re an adult. This means that you should be able to communicate how you feel that day and not give the silent treatment as a teenager would try to do. If you can’t come into work leaving your outside life at the door then let it be known. You can always express to your peers “Hey guys, I’m not having a really good day and don’t feel like getting into what’s going on outside of work so I’m going to keep busy today. Anything work related let me know and I’ll gladly help where I can.” This is a prime example of what I see fit to be expressed to your co-workers if you need some me time while on the job. You still are able to communicate what you need to job related however you’ve also informed your peers that you have a thing and a life outside of work that you are trying to deal with. Who knows, maybe you being at work will allow your day to get better but if not, at least there is that precaution you’ve already given.

so many personalities

We all have different personalities. Some are bubbly and bright, some are fiery and fierce, others are timid and many could be cold and standoffish. Regardless of the personality, it is always in the best interest to in a way (and in my opinion) be fake and friendly. Why cause unnecessary tension between co-workers or in a workplace when you literally spend 8+ hours of the day with these people. I feel like if personalities clash there is a right and wrong way to handle the situation and yes, maybe you and the people or individual person don’t become work friends. That okay. Just be mindful that if you’re fake and friendly to someone and your body language and gestures are saying something totally different. It’ll definitely get picked up on and still make the work environment odd feeling.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on how you’ve handled the real, fake, and/or friendly stigma at your place of work. I’d love to know how you have dealt with or been the one dealing with with the real, fake, or friendly vibes. Examples and stories always welcome.

For now. Toodles. Patrick C.


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  1. Rob K 7 months ago

    Great perspective Patrick. We miss ya around the ORx.

  2. TK Dennis 6 months ago

    I actually just did a “TK Talk” on being yourself today which this reminds me of.

    In my experience, life is richest when we just act like ourselves, and let the rest fall where may. That being said, no one’s perfect, so I try to always be growing as a good mature person.

    Awesome post Patrick!

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