Just as we have right and left brains that work together to help us learn, experience, and advance so is the quandary of any differences in our lives. It’s not either or. It is not which side is better. It is the combination of the two. Equally at play and work to develop. To come together towards the common greatness that we each carry uniquely. Sure, there are moments when one side of our brains may be more dominate then the other. This doesn’t mean the other side isn’t important or that the dominate cannot learn from the other side. One is not truly better than the other. Come together to be a greater force of knowledge. Then comes the all-powerful how the combination of the brain makes our bodies work. Our brains only take in data of what our environment shows us, which is not all truth. Even our brains can deceive us with the information our senses can give to us. Those with the inability to have one sense lost with the others heightened gives something else to the brain. I am not implying that we beat ourselves up when our brains get caught in confusion on occasion. It’s part of the learning process our brains have to go through together along with our spirit and bodies reactions. All working together the best it can under any circumstances that may come along.

I will go out on a limb to say it is the same as the quandary of male and female. Man was created but men cannot reproduce with out the female. Unless you are bacteria and who wants to be that? Both are equal in this respect and one is not more important than the other. Though their spheres may be different just as each of our brains carry out different functions. Each can only come together to advance and achieve success as a whole. It still takes a type of team work to make any particular dream work.

Some people might just need someone to talk to, but we don’t expect our mates to fix it all. Yet in order to move in a direction that does work to solve issues working together to explain both sides and the other listening in order to come up with sound solutions is a start. So instead of blaming, arguing, being better than the other, and disagreeing with one another instead aim to understand one another as you come to understand your own brain. When you have compassion for yourself totally, you understand compassion for another and vice versa.

I could probably list various religious, scientific, and medical data from both sides of the fence on the brain, the sexes and really any subject that has an opposite. With information directly at our fingertips we all could list pages upon pages of data on both sides. Some have truth, some only have half-truth, and some are just plain false. Truths, slight truths, errors, misconception, and manipulations do occur in human thinking and testing, to include my own. We are a funny breed of conscious beings.

No matter the data that dominates the other these have proven NOT to work to better our society, our country, or the world at large. This DOES NOT help solve our problems of coming together to achieve that common goal of the best lives possible. When we truly stop the competition, striving, rivalry as when we do within our own mind can peace truly occur. Again, before battling with anyone outside of yourself make sure you are in honest state of peace first. Healing and mending our own selves helps us to heal and mend those around us IF they are willing. We still need to strive for a play hard, work hard, and be able to laugh mentality within ourselves and those around us.

We have ears to hear yet we hear only what we want to. With technology we can hear falsities and tricks to prove this. Just because we hear doesn’t mean it is totally true. We have eyes to see but we only see what our mind’s eye sees as light converts and our brains try to understand what it is. A simple photograph can have a filter and change the total view of what one eyes over the other. Have you listened to two people tell the same story exactly the same way? My guess is no unless they both read from the exact same script.

Our own feelings, thoughts, perceptions, and divisions get in the way of seeing the truth of what is. We let situations that happen to us have more control over our thought patterns, then it really should. A tendency is to over complicate it because the truth is pretty simple, and we cannot wrap our heads around simple. This is where corruption and darkness can take hold…

Our mere existence can bring about better and exciting changes. With the challenges like: Sustainable living for all human beings’ home, work, and life. Being good stewards of life on planet earth. Taking care of our earth. Clean water for all. Coming up with great ways of recycling waste. Using sustainable growth instead of plastic waste. Growing the best healthy food with no harmful pesticides. Give assistance to someone in depression or anxiety, learning materials to better help these individuals. Assisting families in hardship get back on their feet. Have a nurturing environment for babies, toddlers, and children when one isn’t available to them not just orphanages but bigger scale. Educating what nurturing is to struggling people. We started creating cleaner vehicles, but we still haven’t reached the affordability, reliability, and functionality of a vehicle for everyone. Great goal to continue to work towards here. Working with our hands in a community building/farming project or technical trade. Teaching our youth respect and value of human life. Reaching out to our younger generation 12-15 years of age as these are the years they are faced with learning between their innocence and what they see is wrong in the world. With all the chemical changes they go through, putting their energy towards a viable common good project, they may be able to find better solutions for problems than we adults give them credit for.

We’ve come so far to let sides, ignorance, greed, rivalry, and hatred win anymore!!! Fact is we have all messed up along the way – but we can choose to try to fix it instead of giving it all up.

We each have unique characteristics that can help establish a better world around us. It doesn’t matter IF we are different, it matters THAT we are different. When you are at peace with your own brain, mind, body, and spirit you move together better than when in doubt, strife, and contempt. When we work together without our extreme (egoistic me, my left/right brain ideas, and one groups ideas) cases working and coming together to learn a better way for a better community, state, country, and the world. Let’s work together instead of strife and competing with one another. Make a friend of a different sex, race, group, religion and see what you both can learn from each other WITHOUT trying to impose, judge, or changing the other but only to listen and learn commonality. We learn something new every day, why not learn something that may benefit and bring peaceful solutions to all the contradictions to ourselves and the world around us.

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