past anxieties

My heart is heavy,
My fears are many.
I need to feel secure,
To my self, I need to be sure.
I am not at ease with my surroundings.
With everyone around me, my chest is tightening.
Anxiousness I desire to release it all,
Wanting to rise up to stand tall.
Not to be knocked down to everyone’s standards.
One step forward two steps backward.
Acceptance of all and myself,
I lock myself upon a shelf.
I am here to see the experience,
Wandering why not sit in radiance.
I take on too much upon my shoulders.
Saying inside would someone just hold her?
Unlock the door and let me go,
For once again someone says no.
To what in this life do I deserve?
To wonder why haven’t I the nerve.
Wanting to be treated gently,
To do what comes to me freely.
Only for thoughts to haunt,
My fears to me taunt.
Why must you pick on my sensitivity?
But you will see unleashed my creativity
I once had joy or so I thought,
It is something that cannot be bought.
Journeys are taken with a stride,
I will stand and walk with pride.
To what awaits this life of mine?
As I fight to untwine.
When does it heal?
To my knees, I cry out to Jesus and kneel.
All in time-all in time.
It is an upward climb.
Faith and endurance are drawn.
Past anxieties are gone.
Fears are released by God, self is true.
Surrounding love we pull through.

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  1. kit 12 months ago

    nice poem…

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