I was like so many that are in debt so deep you dreaded each day. Seemed to be no possible way to pay for every living expense and have our family eat. Going from one bandwagon to another. In hopes of some miracle, the lottery, sweepstakes, or royalty would just POP into my life.

Always paying for some business idea that didn’t cost much just to arrive in my inbox. Yea BTW, beware of those if they do, it’s probably a scam. I tried this avenue and that avenue only to be fatigued and disengaged with life. I didn’t think I was good enough or smart enough. I gave up trying (or so I thought I did).

As a mother of 4 sons, I wanted a better life for my family, my community, and was tired of just trying to survive. This want or desire is bigger than the fear I have. I have always worked a full-time job. Unless I was laid off, which that did happen; and then I got another job. I still seemed not to be getting to a point that I would deem successful.

you may be in that deep, dark, and dreary pit; that deep pit called FEAR!

The biggest part of any journey is getting over it, just to do it. Hey, believe me, I tried to take easy routes, hide, give up on what I thought was important, quick fixes and felt afraid. Afraid to really dive into what made me happy. You may think that is odd in the world today with so many self-assured people, or so it seems. Fear of what it would really cost me. How much family time would I have to give up? Who would I have to work for and support in order to get where I’d feel success? Would I have the necessary skill set (Girl Guts – the female cohones) to see my idea through even if I fail?

I grew up on the stories of old, the stories of valiant, brave or crazy in some cases, and seemingly ordinary people like you and me. I loved the moral of the stories I read. The poem “Don’t Give Up” resonates with my soul. I’ve read the stories of the people of the Bible and even stories of people’s accounts today. Those that have been through the most horrible of circumstances only to rise into such a powerhouse. You’re a power-house! (Hope you read that with the tune of ‘Brick House’ in your head.) Yet, I asked myself, “Where was this in my life?” Why didn’t I get to where I wanted to go? I’ve been through some varied array of crap in my life for sure. The prettiest blooms sometimes grow through tons of manure, muck, and mud. If you are afraid to get dirty this article isn’t for you.

I know through my own journey, the cost to me would be to lose me. Lose the one created to exist here and now. This was my stumbling block in life, but certainly not the end of my story here. You can let fear drive you into the many distractions, addictions, or excuses as to what you can’t do something. Or you can with blood, sweat, and tears get through it and see that you can overcome. No, it’s not easy. Life isn’t always “meant to be” especially if you went the route of addictions, distractions, and excuses to numb you from the pain you are hiding behind. Believe me, I’ve seen it from others and experienced it from really close loved ones. Even myself.

I’m here to say you CAN believe that you will get there. You can have faith that you are a spirit of victory. It takes that radical kind of faith that no matter what I WILL be triumphant. Even if you are saying this from your knees. OR you can take that easy route, quick fixes, always wonder and are depressed as to why you cannot get ahead. Been there, done that and NOT going back to that.

You are NOT alone! There are resources that WILL help you with your journey towards success. ASK – you just never know. You don’t know what you give to this world UNTIL you dive into what your heart of hearts tells you. In order to grasp any success in life, we need to clearly see everything that goes into that dream, passion or goal. We just see the end result of a pass-fail outcome.

As my favorite songwriter Steven Tyler says, life is a journey, not a destination. Although we want to see the success the processes are in the journey. We must percolate to create the kind of coffee and spice we want to see.

i really think most of our own pasts contain the stories of great trial and tribulation for us to learn what we need to grow.

I’ve seen people flourish when they let go of their “enough” fears, open themselves up despite ridicule, and just believe they will persevere. To experience just what gets us through those circumstances. It is already within ourselves to explore and/or keep going in circles until we learn that lesson in order to find your next solid ground towards success over the trial.

Whether like me, you think God helps you through it and gives you the strength OR you just learn for the umpteenth time what not to do. I learned success through errors, difficult times, seeing ideas all the way through and not being afraid to fall. Thank you, Jesus! It’s like training for your favorite sport or activity. You aren’t good the first sitting of training, I remember that feeling of insecurity, not wanting to be in the spotlight because I wasn’t “good” enough. It takes that practice and patience with yourself to keep seeing things through. In doing the same things over and over again no matter how boring they are.

For me, I have gone to God in prayer, sought his word and I ask for wisdom and discernment. I know that I’ve been created to be an abundant, loving, and compassionate person that has the ability to know what path to trek. (Hint – always the one less traveled.) No God doesn’t deliver me out of situations right away. But I believe he does light a path to where I didn’t see before. I’ve got that curious nature of what if and enjoy helping others to their full potential.

Then I remember, we are not given a spirit of fear – that comes from something stopping us from our destiny. We are already triumphant! It’s up to us to go through the process. Even in waiting! A very hard concept for me to have learned.

a triumph or success is great indeed!

It should be cheered and congratulated. If you ever worked really hard on something whether the cheering happens or people get jealous – inside you know you’ve done the dedicated work. You know just what you went through. This is why people use that terminology of giving birth when you are on a path to success. You are uncomfortable, you can’t sit still, you can’t rest right, you are a multitude of feelings (not all good), you cry, some not so pleasant body fluid happens, and you hurt like nothing else. Men, I apologize. We may squeeze your hand and call you names. Hopefully, you see what this does to a woman and you are astonished. Yet, when you are holding the baby you realize the creation of a being. You forget about all the pain and all the anguish. Maybe you haven’t given birth per se. You know that any goal that is worth anything to us has its hurts and pains like nothing else. Yet, the joy that comes after yes, is all worth it.

Then it happens! Light bulbs go off!!! You get better, more confident, and/or you think of a new way (create something new). You become more real, more wise, and have a more rewarding sense of living. This is triumph and success! Tap into your strengths. Don’t know what they are? There are really great assessments out there that will help you route a path with your current skills. It’s up to you to take the step and actually do it. Know your weaknesses – we all have them. Partner up with a friend or colleague that has a strength in your weakness that they can give you advice. This is a start.

The avenues for social media and wireless networks started with just a thought. It took years to develop just the right algorithms and configurations to what we use today to get information, share ideas, and talk to people all around the world. To see all the manpower it takes to build the next technologically advanced mechanical marvel is astonishing.

how do you define success or triumph over trials?

What is your plan? Do you have at least an outline? If not, what is stopping you? If you do, have you tucked it away? Bring that out again and re-map your goal(s). Know that level of success comes from knowing the strengths of those around you. As you rise up, you help others to rise. Not everyone wants to be the head or face of something big, some love working with their hands and being behind the scenes. That is absolutely OK. Your level of triumph and success is not everyone’s level. It’s not supposed to be. If you have a process of how you gained your triumph – this is a great place to share.

I certainly hope this helps someone out there reading. I love encouraging others and lifting them up. I may not do it like other famous people, I am me. On the bright side, you don’t have to buy tickets or go to an arena for this kind of advice. It’s free – at least for now. LOL. If you’d like to collaborate on something – give me a shout.

I’m not just another Life Coach – I’m the Wise Guide.

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