You were once asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?….’

Most children are quick to say a police officer, firefighter, astronaut or teacher.

This is what society ‘suggests‘ that they should be, as these figures are who we look up to. What child wouldn’t want to be looked up to, like they look up to their heroes? They are guided by social influences of their ‘leaders‘ rather than really asking themselves what they truly want within their individual soul identity.

As a kid, I always knew I was creative and ‘curious‘. I was always the one who wanted to come up with a new game to play or a new idea of what to draw or just be the one to imagine lava on the ground. As I grew older I noticed that I wasn’t really resonating with most of the kids in the sense that they didn’t want to explore their creativity or imagine much of anything, like I did…

They really were just kind of ‘following the crowd of what the other kids‘ were doing and responding with reactions inside the box that society created for them. So, I kind of kept to myself and had great groups of friends, but always subconsciously knew that I was a little bit ‘different.’ Then I realized most of my friends were right-handed and I was the only lefty in my class… that is when I felt the ‘momentum‘ of standing out.

As we grow older I realize that I was really in touch with my thought process and communication. I loved talking with my friends hearing what they had to say and helping them throughout their scenarios. I really felt for them maybe a little bit more than they cared for me, and discovered my ‘empathetic soul.’

Passing notes and note writing was huge in high school – yes this is before texting! I was always the one everyone went to, to create, design and doodle artwork or borders for these letters. It was one of my favorite things to do, so much so that I rarely focused during some of my classes.  Duh, that is teenage life. I don’t even know if I really cared what I wrote in the letter I just cared about how I doodled the background.

Again now in high schoo,l they ask you ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ when you graduate.

I instantly thought I want to create. I want to design something.  I had no idea what, but I knew I wanted to. We were asked to create a website with what we want to create for our future career. I created a website called ‘Designs by Jen.’ I had no actual designs to upload, nor did I know what I wanted to design, but I knew that is what I was going to do. So I found my favorite images and created this ‘make-believe’ website, of my future self.

Life continued on and I received my Marketing Associates degree and Communications Advertising degree, focus in Advertising. This story is not to brag or bloat, but the thought process of the journey that led me to ‘right here right now.’

 I followed my dreams and manifested my own destiny- before I knew anything about the term manifestation.

So, I went on to work for the advertising industry, which was my dream job, as an Account Executive. I helped design and create print ads, billboards, brochures, grand opening events, etc. that were timeless. I hosted events and raised money for the homeless shelter and provided homes for over 50,000 people.

Then I became ill, really ill, with a stomach illness…… that is when I discovered that my fast-paced lifestyle of constantly going all the time wasn’t going to work.

My body was ultimately telling me to ‘slow down and check in with it,’ to have a better understanding of what is truly happening within me and ‘within my soul.’ To save you from the long story, overall, I had to leave the corporate advertising world to do just that, slow down and start a new lifestyle. My ego was shattered.

I said to myself.

“What an illness? At a time like this? I am pursuing my dream in advertising, I can’t stop! I have everything I desire right now, I am designing for Americas top home builders. What?!  Until my husband, with his sincere heart said to me ‘It is time to find another job for us to heal your body.’  ‘The universe provided me’ a marketing position within the aerospace industry and I was able to have normal hours again  and actually cook dinner. If you know anyone in advertising industry, the work and creative never ends, and never stops – meaning, there is no cooking dinner!

And through the ‘hobby and passion’ of my husband and myself we have started a creative design and screen printing company.

Love2Live Custom Design and Printing was created.

We wanted to let people become ‘their own designer,‘ and ‘create their ‘own masterpieces’ through our work.  Our mantra became, our slogan. ‘Have an idea? Give it life.’ Through the support of friends and families we have grown our hobby into a business and are creating custom designed masterpieces for all. Creating brand identities, logo designs,  invitations, flyers, to custom clothing for special events, occasions and holidays. Throughout this process we have grown our business ‘subconsciously, organically and exceeded expectations’ without really doing much of anything but ‘loving what we do.’

Let’s be real I’m not trying to say, you don’t need to work for it, we all know effort speaks volumes, but rather the concept of reality to ‘let your passion flow and speak for itself…..’ Let the creative mind, guide you to what you love and desire, whether you are a fellow left-hander or not. It will ‘always work in your favor, if you let it.’

so now as a new year approaches what is it that you desire?

What do you want to create for your world?
What do you desire most?
What are you aiming to achieve?

Did I know, at that young age, that I was truly knowing what I was going to do for my career?

Did I know when I created that website ‘Designs by Jen’ that was my manifested thought process?

Did I know that when my husband and I were having fun creating shirts and clothing items for ourselves as a hobby that this would be a business?

Clearly you know what the answer is, of course not.

‘I had no idea but I just flowed.’

I did what I loved and created.

I loved all my friends and communicated with them. I learned behaviors and what customers want from my designs and I created them.

I did what I loved and now I am a business owner. My ultimate goal is to keep going and striving for that manifestation of what I truly desire within my soul.

I’m grateful to say that my journey of creativeness and illness and rediscovering of my own spirituality has led me to right here right now.

You have every chance ‘right here right now’ to make your own destiny.

To manifest your own desires.
To create the life you love.
That is of course if you desire it.
If you’re willing to do it.
If you’re willing to do the work for it.
And if you’re willing to dedicate an entire new lifestyle change.

So I challenge you for this new December set yourself intentions for what you want to accomplish for the next months maybe leading up to the new year. Or maybe it’s exactly what you want to start on January 1, 2018.

Let’s be real you could tell yourself all the things you want but ‘until you actually do it for yourself‘ will you actually accomplish what you want to achieve.

So I challenge you… Who do you want to be in this world?

creativity is contagious, so pass it on.


<3 SatNam


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  1. Stacia Stall 1 year ago

    Such a motivating post for the new year @love2livejen! Thanks for sharing some of your journey to mindfulness and health!

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