We should learn by nature what has been made as to show us truth.

As there are various array of beautiful flowers/plants in every color, shape, and size. Some grow best in low laying “valley” areas, near water, in the desert, or on a mountain top.  ALL are wonderful to HIM. These vegetation’s can be grown, harvested, and arranged together with other flowers and plants. Some flowers/plants cannot be touched by human hands without proper precautions and some are downright deadly. These can be enticing and beautiful but will harm you. Yet, these plants/flowers are still is made with the properties to work with another plant to become a cure. Can also be a redeeming quality for humans. Oddly enough, in nature with every spot of poison ivy there is another plant called jewelweed, that can help with the symptoms of what the poison ivy does. It is up to us to recognize what the true differences are.

It is not in our color, shape, size, financial standing, or beauty! It becomes the natural character that goes beyond what you see on the outside. Once facts present itself as to the inner character is what will be the determining factor. Taking precautions on the actual true symptoms and avoiding what we can of the deadly.  Every human life is valuable there is no separation in that.

Divisions like your group (only your type of vegetation is the only beautiful and true species), and my way verses your way is only destroying humanity. We need to stop and pray to see a better way than attacking one another. The one that made everything good has potential to still be good. Freewill!

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