Full Name

Hollie Stark




Hollie is currently in her second year at Roosevelt University in Chicago for her MFA in Creative Writing. She graduated in 2009 with her BA in English/Creative Writing from Aurora University. She grew up in the cornfields of Illinois, but after living in Australia for a short while she knew the cornfields weren’t right for her and now lives right outside of Chicago. She has always had a love of writing starting when she won a children’s writing competition in second grade. The love only grew from there.

Hollie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and friends, hanging with her two cats, looking and shopping for home décor, cooking, yoga, and practicing the art of meditation. She collects and practices healing with crystals and is always listening to a new podcast or reading a new book. She is a certified personal trainer and recently decided to switch to a mostly plant based diet. After graduating with her MFA, she hopes to move to a new city such as Nashville or Seattle to find new adventures and to keep life interesting.

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