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Ellie Parvin




Ellie Parvin is passionate about understanding the way people communicate and how various factors and environments can alter the perception of information/message/meaning delivered and received between those communicating.

Parvin is obsessed with the way people communicate! Which is why she got her Master’s Degree in Communication and Organizational Leadership. She loves teaching others and is a Communication Professor, as well as a fitness instructor who has appeared in a number of education/fitness format training videos.
Further, Ellie’s inspiration and knowledge is a combination of her education, research, experience and what she has learned about herself and others when faced with physical/mental challenges, along with the process and journey through them. Ellie’s passion for communication led her to launch, which helps small businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals learn how practicing and cultivating communication skills and techniques can improve their lives and their bottom-line for optimum success. She specializes in internal/external communication, customer care, conflict resolution, team building, presentation, public speaking, and communication via the various social media platforms.


Ellie is CEO/Owner of, Communication for Success, Health and Happiness. In addition, she is a member of the National Financial Education Council’s (NFEC) Personal Finance Speakers Association, Forbes School of Business Women Leaders, Educator for Forbes School of Business platform at Ashford University, formerly a T.K. Dennis Society Mentor/Society Rebel and weekly writer/contributor to the organization’s educational and growth platforms. Finally, she’s touted as a connoisseur of superb customer communication, service and support,has been snowboarding since the 1980s  and she loves her husband more than anything!

***Sometimes you can catch Ellie doing live videos casually sharing her communications tips:




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