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I tell you, the pendulum swing of life reveals many lessons on this great earth. All that is shaped by the thoughts collected in your own mind. So set your mind for positivity, faith, and trusting that good will come to you. Yes, you!

Many get lost in the sense of the worries that plague our minds. I have lived with:

the what ifs
the constant mind swimming
0-130 miles an hour brain stuck in demo mode

The mindless stream of chatter that leads to nothing but fears and preventing your light from shining. Believe me, there is freedom from that, but it’s one of those lessons you have to learn. The deep thinker that I have always been, looks for reasons, patterns, scans for things that are felt beyond the senses and of course the lessons.

funny thing is most of the complicated thoughts I have ever had required a simple answer.

Sometimes just as simple as faith, hope, and patience. There are circumstances that have no rhyme or reason to them. Yet, we still grow from them.

As it seems many do, we sit aimlessly scrolling through various social media. Whether it is to find some sense of comradery with another OR maybe to pinpoint how you are feeling OR to inspire you to take actions; the seeming mindlessness we crave from the stimulation OR just to get away from the worries, which I am not judging, I take part in it myself. Heck, we all need mindlessness from time to time. We need time for the mind to sleep and repair itself. We need to be able to laugh at something ridiculous. Or even be the reason someone else laughs. Laugh at yourself. Be quirky and spontaneous ALONG with your planning your goals.

We are lucky to come to this great writers society that we’ve come to love here. A place to express the essence of who we are to those all over the country and the world. To be open, honest, and vulnerable for no other reason than to share a secret learned that helped us move past the struggles we were presented.

We can easily forget the actions that we can take to better the lives of those around us. Many mindful lessons I’ve learned over the years, as I am sure you have lessons to share as well. Some which include:

  • Instead of judging the poor, show compassion and give them a blanket and offer them food.
  • Focus not only on ourselves about the lack we have about this or that, showing love to ourselves.
  • Instead of judging someone choosing to stay fit and healthy, maybe find out their inspiration.
  • Instead of bashing on the rich, maybe learn the lessons they learned to get there (most of them took years of hard work to get there).
  • Instead of calling someone’s idea foolish or outrageous, maybe show a little encouragement.

Why not focus on what can positively impact the world around us? It only takes one simple step or action. Offering a stranger coffee, writing a friendly note of encouragement, or giving the overflow of things you don’t need to serve someone else.

Let me hone in here and add, I do NOT mean carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders for it’s not yours to do that. I realize we cannot abolish people from being poor or have every person sing kumbaya, but it is a great goal to try to achieve one person at a time. Hope is not lost!

As I remember singing as a child, This Little Light of Mine with so much love in my heart. Oh, sigh, how we move away from these short cute lessons in life, usually in the teenage years, all due to others judging you as crazy. Remembering the reasons we were taught to show the goodness of sharing our light and showing compassion with someone else. Just simple, easy, and compassionate things you may take for granted, gives hope and wakes someone else up to hope again.

the simple faith of a child can become the backbone of our adulthood despite how our world is shaped

The world sends us struggles for us to sharpen our skill sets, faith, and strength to stand for another day. Don’t waste the lesson learned through the struggle.

I’ve been shaped by situations I wouldn’t want on my enemies. I’ve also been shaped by the love and support that have surrounded me over the years. I am mindful of my lessons as I listen and respect others in their mindfulness. I’m not the smartest person, nor am I the dumbest person. The New Years Resolutions are at hand. Those that don’t set them, for fear of failure or just don’t want to change.

Let some place be a start in being more mindful and at times mindless for yourself and those around you.

What would you’d like to focus on as a change or improve on something you have already learned?

You can share in your overcoming an obstacle or like me, mindless chatter with hopes to help someone with theirs. Be more mindful of living your life! How about if nothing else just being grateful for being YOU? I thank God for where he’s placed me, helped me grow, and wisdom I’ve obtained.

Maybe instead of focusing on the verses in life’s either this or that, you can learn to merge the two sides into your being of light and share your newfound knowledge with someone else. Of anything I have ever written, that right there is the most eye-opening #truth phrase. I’m knocking out the verses in life and compiling it all as GREAT! Cheers to a purpose-filled, compassionate, and prosperous today and going forward with that daily hope. God bless you all and thank you for reading.

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