just be you

be the one

Be the one who dares to not just bend the ordinary, but obliterates it. The one who defies the rules and regulations that society has so unthoughtfully typed out for us. When judgments forbid you from turning left, go left. When fears manipulate you into crying, fire that smile in a blinding fashion.

Be the one who takes their beaten past and turns it into the story of the century. A story that fuels and reignites lost bonfires. A story that creates the warmest comforting hug in a space of loneliness and doubt.

Be a booming voice that breaks off the padlocks from the silenced ones. Pass out the logo hoodies, glow sticks and beanies. Be the one who turns up the bass on those healing tunes and hands out microphones for all to sing along. Release the giant beach balls into the crowd and unleash the confetti from the skies.

Be the one loves selflessly but holds a handful of solo moments to maintain sanity. Be the one who doesn’t fear change, who doesn’t deny being different. Be the one who accepts every flickering bulb, no matter their flicker speed or bulb size. Whether their energy saving or brightly lit, whatever their energy level, collect them like Pokemon.

I’ve got scar tissue embedded so deep that only life back under the scalpel could dig it out, but bright lights and bleached oxygen is the last place I want to find myself. I live vicariously through my scars, because those are my battle wounds that I wear with pride. Those scars are the stories that I hope one day fill the IVs of those who are caught in an endless beat down.

Be the one who screams out your broken thoughts to help save lives. Be the one who slashes the suicidal monsters from under the beds and inside the closets.

And most importantly, are you listening because this piece of information is extremely vital to your existence… Be you!

be yourself…

love the face that reflects back in the mirror. Love the perfectly imperfect bones and organs that form your beautiful body. Love every piece of you that’s well put together and love the adventure of the scavenger hunt to find the missing ones.

“Don’t give up, push through the droughts. Channel the inevitable disappointments back into your craft. Break molds, think, create. But, most importantly, stay alive. And in the meantime, make it about other; that seems to work. Stay strong, live on and power to the local dreamer…” –Tyler Joseph

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  1. Sikeea Graham 12 months ago

    Hell yeah! I freaking love this post: so well-written and gets me all fired up with pride for being a fellow Society rebel! 🙂

  2. Jen Van Houten 12 months ago

    You are an incredible writer!

    • Author
      Derra Nicole Sabo 12 months ago

      Thank you so much Jen!! I love your writing! I like when you post your poems on Instagram, they’re my favorite! 🤓💜

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