A Star. So far away feeling like I can’t ever reach you- Touch you.

But, I can see you. Shine so brightly, you light up the night- My heart

Wanting to caress your face which seems to be a dream lightyears away. You’re the center of my solar system. If only I could gain the confidence to speak to you. To experience the warmth your sun provides.

Will I ever be in your galaxy?

Will I ever share the night sky with you?

To be honored to stand next to you watching the world turn.

To watch all the tragedies but assure I’ll always protect you.

To watch all the good deeds creating us to smile at each other.

Kissing you with my promise that I’ll always be by your side. Wishing on you for the day to come. Wishing for when we become one.

But, then, I remind myself that you’re a Star.

Too far for me to reach.

Too bright for my dull light.

In a whole different galaxy where I don’t belong. I’m stuck in the dirt. My tears form mud. Now I can never get out. Cementing myself to this plague. My last hope is that you’ll fall from the sky to save me from my sadness. To make me complete. To make me believe.

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