No matter what situation you are in were born in or lived only you can make the decision to rise above. Not to stay in the pit of your own despair. Only you can encourage yourself you can move past your situation. Yes, sometimes you need to be on your knees to see that you are given strength to stand. I will never deny how hard your situation may be. We all have our hard situations. I’m am empathetic to your own situations. I know the pain, the vengeful you wish on the one who hurt you, the crying in the shower so your family doesn’t know, and the heart that feels so broken that surely it cannot be repaired. 

But it can! 

I do know I’ve seen through the hardest times people rise higher than they were before. No matter how strong you think you are, something can and will put you down. It’s if you want to stay down or get up that matters. Getting up after the hardest fight of your life is a growth opportunity. 

Times are never guaranteed to be easy. If it’s easy you haven’t taken a risk or gone against a situation. Even those that make it look easy has struggles that you cannot see. In fact, we are shown within nature that the rain and sun shines on both good and bad people. There seems to be no reconciliation to those that have been done a great evil too. What is meant for harm can be the avenue of something good for you and all you come in contact with. I’ve seen a great many horrors and evils in my own life and also to those I am close to. I also see a fire that cannot be quenched. We may get knocked down, but we are not out. Those that fall can be raised up as well. 

This world is only concerned with what’s in it for self. The world seeks to divide our love into a definition of what it looks like to one group or another. The world seeks greed, lust, and hate to those that truly love with an open heart no matter what comes against them. These humble and meek souls are our models, not those that make a billion dollars. Being a billionaire is how many people you can reach out in love, compassion, and be assisting. The destitute, down and out, and ones that need rebuilding to make them self-sufficient once again. Just as when we are down they are people that are around to lift us up. 

Though YOU are the one that has to work. 

When we become self-sufficient we give back all that we are and all that we were given with the knowledge we gained while in that pit of despair.

Our hope has slowly diminished because we think we can handle it all. When it comes down to it, we over juggle so much in juggling our own emotions along with someone else’s emotions along with whatever comes to us daily. Know that things will fall if we are the one juggling. Trust the Creator and Father God through Jesus Christ. Our egos need to be put aside and be humble under God. We have forgotten this, and our society truly is crying out. We are all about fixing the ‘me, myself, and I’ which is great, but it is not going about it right. We want to be heard, seen, and understood but we haven’t come to God in prayer first. We want someone to stroke our egos to bring us up instead of coming up because we first went to God. So many still fall even in rebuilding yourself, because they still forget God. We have to know when to drop it, lay it down, and work through it knowing we will get to the other side with help on high. It is God that defines you NOT this world.

I’ve seen and experienced victories through addictions, abandonment, cheating, abuse (both mental and physical), hate/cult practices that harm bodies and minds, greed, deep seeded hate, as well as healings of the soul and body. A truly set freeing experience. All this that came through such great distress, only to see you in a much better place. We all are on this journey and some days are right on and some need a do-over. Have patience with yourself and others that may be in the do-over day.

Many blessings to you ALL!

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