You didn’t deserve to go.

If god was really out there,  then why did he take you.

Why didn’t he protect you.

Why didn’t he take your pain, your fears, your worries.

If god was out there, why aren’t you any more.

If he knows all, why didn’t he fix it.

Why would he listen, to our cries.. to our pain.. to our pleas.. and yet, take more.

Why would he rob a mother of her first son and love.

Why would he rob so many brothers of their best friend.


If god is out there…

Why aren’t you here any more.

If god is out there, then why did he take good out of this world.

Why did he make it more ugly.

Why didn’t he stop you, show you that it’s okay.

If god was out there, then you would be too.

If he hears all of our prayers, then why didn’t he hear mine.

If only he would have listened, the pain wouldn’t have taken another. 

If god is really out there, then why did you have to go. 


If you’re out there…

Why didn’t you help. 

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