People can’t help but to be self-serving; it’s in our nature.

 Written down in genetic codes, multiplied until a fetus grows

Ego monopolizes self, “I’M worth everything on this earth”-

we take and take until nothing remains.

Then we take some more and hope we don’t combust.

Hope that maybe, this will be enough;

To satisfy the desire deep inside, we search for freedom on the outside.

Try to cover our pain, our distaste with material satisfaction.

Not aware that these are a waste-

of time, of energy; For they take up more space.

We crave for more, never stop and think what is this race?

To get to the top is all you seek; yet when you get there, there’s more to reach

Take it all, this world is for me. That’s what you believe when you cannot see

That God isn’t a being, he isn’t alive. Heaven isn’t a place, it rests in your mind.

Keep searching outside and all you will find is what you desire lies inside.

 It’s hidden well, with fear and shame

To truly be free you must relinquish blame.

Recognize yourself for what you are.

A light so bright, we could call you a star.

Don’t fall victim to Egoic traps, you’ll soon find there is no way back.

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