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Let’s say that you lost your job or, you had a fight with a close friend….

Okay, here are the rules.

You might want that brownie.
And that salted caramel ice cream.
And that slice of chocolate cake. (Or, the whole damn thing!)
You might want those veggie chips, because, they were kind-of, sort-of almost real vegetables at one point.

Hopefully. 😉

What about those tempting-looking muffins at Whole Foods, because they were “fresh-baked”, meaning “less preservatives”, and, hey, if Whole Foods sells it, it can’t be that bad for you, right?

You may want all of these things and more.
Believe me, so do I! Yet, let’s stop making the same mistake over and over. We are smarter than that.

Yes, all that junk food will taste good initially, but it won’t take long to feel disgusting afterward. Those sort of foods only serves to put one in a sugar coma, only to have you awaken and hate feeling sluggish and having lost self-control.

fast food and junk food are NOT treats.

They are energy vampires that trap you in a vicious cycle. So, let’s make a deal. Let’s remind ourselves how much we actually like smoothies, fresh berries, real honey in Greek yogurt, etc. And when the devil on your shoulder proves too charming, make it worth your time and future cavities. Travel, especially if it’s a 30-minute walk, to that bakery with the best red velvet cupcakes in the city.

Now, let’s talk about binge-watching.

I know that you’re going to do it, and I’m not going to try to stop you. Hell, if I tried, it would only interrupt my own binge marathon. Just be sure to mix it up. Meaning, don’t get stuck in a YouTube vortex. Yes, it’s fun, and even inspiring to watch, but, sometimes, the constant smiles and laughter, whether real or fake, isn’t healthy. Try adding something off-kilter to your queue. These days, society seems so aggressively hellbent on feeling and expressing joy that it can be easy to feel pressured by it. As in, hurry up and be happy like the rest of humanity–or else! We forget, or are afraid to acknowledge, that it’s okay to experience and project more than one emotion.

That being said,

don’t try so hard to fake normal all the time.

I’m not suggesting that you go around kicking puppies or letting doors slam in strangers’ faces, or anything like that. But, just remember that you are not a robot.

be sure to spend extra time with those around whom you feel comfortable letting your guard down.

They love you no matter what mood you are in.

also, be sure to spend enough time alone, when needed, to recharge.

Change your perspective. Remind yourself that even though the world sucks sometimes, and people can be unfair, there are also butterflies, puppies, chocolate, and other small wonders, and equally awesome grand wonders to appreciate. Even though part of your world feels as though it is ending in some way, remember that there is still some beauty in the world.

And so, because we live in the digital age, and have much shorter attention spans, let me recap everything for you:

*When life gives you lemons but you are feeling too down to turn it into lemonade yet, or you tried but forgot to put the sugar in it, don’t beat yourself up too much trying to give others what you think they expect. Take the time to feel whatever it is you’re feeling.

*Don’t lose sleep worrying if the food police are coming to get you if you start reaching for that comfort food to ease the sting when life punches you in the face one too many times. Give yourself a finite number of consecutive cheat days. Then, stop the cycle where you know that those donuts aren’t actually helping you, yet you reach for another.

*We can only watch so many peppy, shiny YouTubers living perfect lives. If you must binge-watch something–as you should–include something that allows you to experience a rainbow of emotions. Because real-life is not a perfectly edited highlight reel.

So, those are the rules. Easy enough, right? Just keep in mind that there will be times when we will make hypocrites of ourselves by doing the exact opposite of everything here. As stated earlier, we are not robots, we are human, so it’s okay. So long as we recognize the cycle of bad habits and work our way back to the healthier, more effective ones, till they stick.

To be continued…

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  1. Joan 2 years ago

    This blog hits the spot! I’ve been going thru some dark times where ginger lemon cookies & Magnum ice cream bars have been my poser bff’s! You just pulled me up from Junk food Hades! I’ve got to “snap out of it!” Make it worthwhile with foods that “nourish my body & soul!” Your food descriptions were sooo yummy! I will travel for that sublime lover of the perfectly hung red velvet cupcake! Thank you – you made me dive deep and ponder perfection!!!

    • Author
      Sikeea Graham 2 years ago

      @Joan, I’m so glad that this post hit home for you. I’m also going through some difficult things right now, and I feel that even writing this post helped me to realize what needs to be done. Stay strong, and elevate yourself to where you deserve to be! 🙂

      • Stacia Stall 2 years ago

        @sikeeagraham I’m having the opposite problem, I too am in a rough season, but instead of stuffing my face full of cupcakes (trust me I do this), I’m not eating or sleeping enough anything, barely caring for myself. When you’re down, it can be a struggle on both sides, but your advice in this post was so good. Looking forward to part two.

  2. Author
    Sikeea Graham 2 years ago

    @staciastall I’m so sorry to hear that! A friend of mine with the same tendencies likes to watch mindless TV, such as game shows, or formulaic, light dramas to distract her and bore her to sleep. Maybe that could help a bit? Or, scheduling appointments with yourself on your phone: when to eat and what to eat, even if it’s just a cup of yogurt and some fruit, and what time to sleep. Meditating may also help.

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