It’s one of those moments you never admit will come. When you go through your high school yearbook, relive that brief history in time and then all of the sudden feeling a pit in your stomach; you’ve realized that life and fellow humans weren’t what you thought it and them were going to be.

Then when you least expect it, it suddenly dawns on you. Thank God it didn’t turn out the way you expected or wanted. I’m 31. Boring. Not as many friends. My boobs drag to the middle of my stomach. And vodka definitely doesn’t fancy me anymore. AND IT IS OK!

everything will be ok

How funny is it to be ok to have become the person you feared most in your adolescence?  I’m laughing out loud as I string this sentence together.

For the adolescent who is reading this…I want you to know that shit happens, and everything will be ok. It’s not so bad being irrelevant. Solitude; one of God’s greatest gifts, and if your heart doesn’t fall into pieces at least once, two, or three times, you’re not living and you probably won’t learn a damn thing about this world.

Signing off on my first entry.
Take care.
Take your time.
Take it.

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