music is therapy

Out of all the things in life that tries to set us apart from each other, there has always been a constant that never fails to bring people together, and that constant is music. I think that Macklemore described this perfectly when he said:

“Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people in ways that no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings. It acts as medicine.”

One perfect example of how music can bring people together is the story of how I met one of my best friends and fellow bloggers, Derra Sabo! One day as I was driving into town and I heard the song “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots play on the radio. After mulling over the lyrics and admittedly bobbing my head to the tune I became really interested and went home and looked them up.

I listened to song after song and it felt like the lyrics that were being sung had been ghost written by me. I felt so many different emotions while listening to their music ranging from the feeling of being understood to finally… inspiration. When I listened to the song Kitchen Sink a few verses struck chords in my heart strings and I wasn’t able to ignore them.

“Then write something yeah it might be worthless, then paint something yeah it might be wordless. Pointless curses, nonsense verses, you’ll see purpose start to surface.”

I felt those lyrics in my core and thought, why not try? I’ve always had a passion for writing but had stopped for years because I felt unmotivated and uninspired. After I had stopped writing for so long I began to wonder if I would even be good at it anymore, but hearing that song made me realize it didn’t matter. As long as I tried, I’d eventually see something form out of what I wrote that mattered to me and pushed me forward.

After falling in love with their music I wanted to reach out and meet other people who were interested in them and so I took to social media and created a Twitter account (which as cliché as it sounds was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made because of the friends I’ve made from there). After being on Twitter for a month or so I met Derra and after a few weeks of talking about anything ranging from food, to music, to the cartoons we love we became friends. I honestly wouldn’t want to imagine my life without her because she’s such an amazing person. She is inspiring, optimistic, and can spin words into literal gold.

when all else fades, music remains

Another thing that music is able to do is act as a companion and unconditional listener whenever times in life are hard. There were many points in my life when music was the only thing that kept me together, and whenever I fell apart it buoyed me back up. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I battled with many things and some of them were external but most of them were internal. Certain circumstances caused me to have to change schools frequently and the last one I attended, my high school, I was faced with a lot of bullies. I was different, I held different beliefs than most everyone there and was viewed as some sort of specimen instead of a person.

There were so many nights when all I wanted to do was leave. Not just run away from home but from everything in life. I didn’t want to keep existing and going through the hell that was each day. On those nights I plugged my headphones into my mp3 player, put them in my ears and let myself be transported far away. Most nights ended in crying drowning out everything else around me, but some nights ended peacefully with lyrics from artists like Marilyn Manson to Nirvana and I was soothed in knowing that I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings, and reassured that one day everything would be alright.

Throughout life music has always picked me up, carried me, and now it’s giving me the opportunity to meet great friends and I will forever be grateful for it. I’m going to include a playlist below of some of the songs that have helped me through my darkest hours and helped me celebrate life. I hope that every one of you are able to find your favorite artist(s) that you can resonate with and feel at home with whenever you press play.

· Otep– Perfectly Flawed

· Twenty One Pilots– Kitchen Sink

· Marilyn Manson– Coma White

· Imagine Dragons– Believer

· Fall Out Boy– Champion

· All Time Low– Missing You

· John Lennon– Imagine

· The Beatles– Let It Be

· Coheed and Cambria– Atlas

· Eminem– The Way I Am

· Nirvana– Come As You Are

· Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft Mary Lambert– Same Love

Check out the parallel post written by Brandi’s friend Derra

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  1. Derra Nicole Sabo 1 year ago

    Girl, I had so much fun collabing with you! Your take on how music connects us was brilliant and inspiring. You have a heart of gold.

    • Author
      Brandi Myers 12 months ago

      I’m sorry I’m so late replying! I had a blast collating with you too and am so glad you asked me to collab with you! You have an amazing heart and mind!

  2. Jen Van Houten 12 months ago

    This was beautifully written! Music is a wonderful thing!

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