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In this ever developing world around us with technology and further exploration; we take for granted things and the people no longer doing the jobs because of the ever growing technology field.

I have even fallen captivated by the updated software that makes designing for kitchen & bath layouts a lot easier. Better than the old drafting table that yes, I do know how to do. Also, the year after year of upgrades with our own vehicles to produce less harm to the environment. Within all of the changes that are developed to make our lives easier, are the hands that started everything.

it’s more than just a blue collar / white collar thing

Our societies around the world are growing expediently. While technology helps in this growth. So does all the hands that get down and dirty to provide basic and needed things in our countries, towns, etc.

We spend tons of money on going to college for business, doctors, and lawyers (which is good don’t get me wrong). We need moral business owners, engineers, and planners; I will add, to also care about the environment. The technical/certification schools of the electrician, plumbers, mechanics of all types, cabinet makers/woodworkers, carpenters, excavators, welders, crane operators, janitors, farmers, gardeners, cabling installers, nurses, EMTs, etc are needing more hands willing to get dirty.

My late father was a T-Crane operator. He woke up every morning glad to be able to go to work. At about 4:00 AM he’d get himself ready for the day, get his bagged lunch, and grab the ‘bucket’ to get to the construction zone. Those that are in this field know what I’m talking about. He climbed over 200ft every morning, no elevators for these cranes. Needless to say, my dad always had strong legs. He hardly ever missed a day of work. He truly took pride in what he could do with the crane and be working with the foremen to ensure the construction went according to plan. When one job was finished he’d go to another job, which made us move around a few times. Sure, there were storms that he told me about time to time but he remained safe. I was scared for him. He had a flag of a smiling face because he always had a smiling face, even when scared or upset.

i know what hands of a diesel mechanic and auto mechanics look like

I’m married to a great one. I know the frustration of figuring out just went wrong with a motor. Do you know how often one’s body has to contort just to work on an overhauled engine? Let’s just say not everyone can stand it, let alone do it and deal with the pain later. Even with the newer technology, computer diagnostics are not always right. Takes a good ear for knowing what sounds a vehicle makes.

I get to work with great carpenters, woodworkers, installers, and construction people that were truly at one with their craft. The detail of a woodworker making legs for a personalized touch in someone’s home. The paint and sheetrock professional that just finished a project knowing he or she did ‘very well’ for their customer. The pride of not only planning but your hands producing what you planned made them all happier.

The risks of reoccurring pain, bodily harm, or death to some of these many fields, even with a great safety program it still happens. Even with that risk, plenty ignore what could happen to see what they can be part of creating.

Not taking for granted, those that take time to clean the environment, water, wastewater plants, offices, schools, and clothing etc. All of these fields must be considered for our overall growth.

I’d like to take a moment and mention our “down and out people” that are homeless and can work, with our growth we need to get them working. Regardless of what brought them down. I understand and have experience in all the Human Resource stats and regulations. People need to work in order to sustain themselves and I know plenty that are willing to work. There is work that can be done and those that need to have a second chance. We aren’t always perfect and make the best choices. We should be able to pick ourselves up somehow and still make a living.

i’ve always respected what it’s like to have hard working hands

These people that do the grunt work should be compensated just as well as management. I know that might cause an uproar. People cooking fast food can make about as much as working a welding job now isn’t quite right. Yes, dealing with the public and getting greasy is hard but it’s not the same as risking your life and limb in a job. This should be considered.

It might be satisfying to some to sit behind a desk and make rules and regulations. The ones that put their blood, sweat, and tears to get to where the company wants to go is what makes a company strong and supported. If you lose sight of the hard workers in your company; are you willing to pull up your sleeves and get the job done? The people that know what it takes on the ground floor should have more say in management than most managers. You can’t learn all management techniques from college, no matter what the students learn.

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