Gratitude, this is something i practice, the art of gratitude.  Gratitude for me is a method of self care i use to help lift me vibration. I feel better, my mood is increased when i practice gratitude. 

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful I can meditate, I don’t meditate daily but I’m getting there. Today I’m going to try with crystals. I haven’t used crystals to meditate before so it’s a first.

You can be grateful for your daily cup of coffee, for the sunny day or for your family. You can be grateful for your cold glass of water, your house, your husband or wife. Gratitude doesn’t have to be anything big it can be, as described above something simple.

Practicising gratitude daily enhances your life; for you think about what you have in your life. What is good and what is working for you; rather than looking at the negative and what isn’t working in your life. You are shifting the focus away from negative and limiting beliefs towards the positive. 

Try the art of gratitude for one month and see how different you will feel……

Thank you for reading



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