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     Maegan Hagan 
    How I Became a Society Rebel

    Hi! My name is Maegan Hagan! In one way or another I have always pushed the envelope, and always questioned the status quo.

    When I was a little girl my Mother always obsessed with my weight. She loved to point out that I shouldn’t eat as much. She pointed out that I was fat, and life is harder for women who are over weight. I remember saying, “Ma! You’re crazy! Society is changing!”

    As it turned out my Ma was right, and she was just trying to be helpful. I went through school with not many friends. In 2003, my mom died and my Dad is sick. Social services comes in the night she dies and tells me that if my oldest brother doesn’t become my guardian that I would be sent to a foster home. My brother Reluctantly agreed. Soon after he was offered a job a state over, and there I was: an overweight, pimply face Junior- in a brand new highschool, and I had absolutely no friends.

    Every day at lunch I go in to the library and eat lunch by myself and study. One day I see a boy. That’s where all great stories start. It was love at first site! This boy had the biggest mouth full of metal, and he was just covered in braces, a face full of acne, and the brightest barbie pink back pack I had ever seen in my life! He was fabulous and I knew there was something about him. I knew that was my future best friend! So, I’m sitting there thinking of ways to talk to my future best friend for the first time, and I see two boys walk up on him and push him. I thought to myself, “Why are these boys picking on my future best friend?” They shove him and I watch as everyone,(including a few teachers,) are standing idely by. The situation is escalating and I’m worried about my future best friend. I go over and I shove the boys, “Keep your hands to yourself!” I say as I push the boys. They are shocked that a girl is saying something to them. They walk away. I lend my hand out to my future best friend and help him up, “Mae knight!” He said thank you, “My names David Bell.”

    That day a life-long friendship was formed, and a life-long passion of mine began. A passion for advocacy and activism. I was not a beard for David. I was his friend. We talk about boys that we like, the tv show Queer as Folk, and school. David was a 14 year old boy in Kentucky that was very openly, flamboyantly, and unapologetically gay.

    Really think about the courage that took for that little boy. For two years I follow David. I walk him to class. I am a soldier. I am on a mission. My mission is to get my best friend to class safely. because every day he was being threatened. And if you are threat to my best friend you are a threat to my way of life, and you are no friend of mine.

    David story has an extremely happy ending. That little boy went off to grow up to a beautiful man. This man has the clearest most beautiful skin you will ever see in your life, he has the most beautiful teeth, he is married, he is a fire fighter and he is so happy! And still fabulous! I like to think that I helped out in some way.

    In 2004 a sweeping Ban of legislative hits the country, and its against gay marriage. There is a local campaign. No on the amendment. This will go on to be my 1st of 19 campaigns that I will go on to coordinate. I am great with field work. I’m sent to every state in the country now. When my party needs somebody for the special elections- they call me. I am a Kentucky Liberal, and I do not fit in in Kentucky. And, I’m glad.Everywhere I go people remember me. There is going to be a place for my in the History Books. I’m not here to follow anyone- I’m here to blaze my own trails.

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