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     Samantha Olson 
    Hi :)
    the new kid

    Hi, everyone! I’m Samantha. I came across this website because Society Rebel followed me on Instagram. I graduated from college in May, and while I’m a licensed teacher, right now I work as a substitute teacher. I’m originally from Minnesota, moved to North Dakota for college, and now I’m moving back to Minnesota. I’ve lived in the Midwest my whole life and honestly, I couldn’t be happier where I’m from.

    Some interesting things about me: I’m a huge fan of chocolate. I’ll eat almost any kind but I really love chocolate and caramel. I’m an avid reader of children’s books (Sci-Fi, Fantasy??) and I will talk for hours about my books. I really want to get a pet but I know I’m going to travel eventually so I won’t get one until I settle down.

    I’ve always wanted to write, I was just never any good at it. I’m hoping that through this process, I become a more confident writer. Thanks!

     Stacia Stall 
    admin rebel
    Reply To: Hi :)

    @sammy23 this is an amazing platform to try your hand at writing. Looking back at my first posts, I can’t believe how much better of a writer I’ve become. Our rebel in charge, @tkdennis goes live every week on ig and fb live on Thursday nights and shares tips and advice to become a better storyteller and also just inspiration about life too. 🙂 Glad you signed up!

     TK Dennis 
    admin rebel
    Reply To: Hi :)
    game changer

    Hello Samantha!

    Welcome to Society Rebel!

    We’re happy you joined us here. I am also a huge fan of chocolate and caramel….and cheese cake….and cannolis….and truffles….and danishes….and cherry pie…and ice cream…and I think I got carried away there.

    If you have any questions, just let one of us know and we’ll be sure to help.


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