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     Shawn C Mace 
    Hi! I'm Shawn
    game changer

    I’m not the male version of Shawn. My mom just never wanted to put an A at the end of my name so my name would rhyme with her dad’s name John. She had to have a daughter with an S as in her name Sharon. Guess I couldn’t be a Sharon Jr. lol. So, as in my bio – I’m a Mom of 4 sons 24, 20, 18, and 6. As well as a wife and assistant project manager. Inspiring to write and meet new people. I am a Christian and it is not my place to judge anyone. I’m a rebel in the sense that this world wants to conform us instead of celebrating our differences. I am all for differences and the uniqueness we all have. Anyway, I hope that wasn’t too long-winded of me. Look forward to meeting you all.

     TK Dennis 
    admin rebel
    Reply To: Hi! I'm Shawn
    game changer

    Hello Shawn! Welcome to Society Rebel!

    We’re so happy to have you here.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


     Stacia Stall 
    admin rebel
    Reply To: Hi! I'm Shawn

    @4scmace I thought you would be a boy before I saw your pic. But I’m Stacia, (stay-sha) and basically no-one has gotten my name right since birth. Looks like we can both thank our mothers!

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