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     Pamela Valencia 
    trouble maker

    Hello! My name is Pam. I am a recent journalism graduate and I am so happy to be done with school but now comes the big part which is becoming an adult and having to find a job to pay the bills. Something exciting for sure.

    Make sure to follow me on social media @paminthecity (across all platforms)

    Can’t wait to get more acquainted with everyone.

     TK Dennis 
    admin rebel
    Reply To: Hello!
    game changer

    Hey Pam!

    Welcome to Society Rebel. I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

    Great job graduating school; I totally understand the pressure. Just remember, don’t disqualify yourself. Everyone else can try all day, but when you’re looking for a job, let them do the picking. You just send a well made resume to every place you can imagine and go from there. No one is born with experience. 🙂

    If you have any questions, make sure you shoot me a message!

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